Corporate Presentation


Like cities have skylines, Organizations have corporate presentations.


Most organizations creates a corporate presentation to capture a 360 degree view of their business, functions and activities. These presentations are of strategic importance to an organization and plays a vital role in business development, trainings and corporate introductions.


A corporate presentation can cover a wide range of subjects depending upon the nature of business including Company Overview, Management & Team profiles, Business Verticals, Products & Services, CSR, Quality, Organization Chart, USPs and much more.


Our Content strategy & design team can help you create a crisp, concise and visually appealing corporate presentation to build a perfect skyline for your business.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why do I need a corporate presentation?

 A corporate presentation is like a skyline of a company which gives a virtual tours of its past, present, products, ideology, people, presence & activities. Corporate presentations are mostly required by companies and organizations as a means of selling an idea or product, presenting an idea in board meetings, or in leadership seminars and other strategic corporate events and activities. Since it takes a lot of effort to convey the main idea to the target audience, a corporate presentation can ease it out to convey your thoughts and give a direction to both presenter and audience.


Where will you be requiring my help and support in making my corporate presentation?

In the corporate presentation, we need your support in providing us brochures, introductory mail, the proposal the complete idea and facts of the situation. We will help you to collate all the data and facts and structure and aggregate everything in the corporate presentation. We would also help you to present your data to target audience in an appropriate manner. Once everything is aggregated, we would help you in designing of presentation.


I don’t have a presentation yet. Can you create my corporate presentation from scratch?
We have been creating the corporate presentation from scratch. We just need the complete idea in a document, data, and facts to substantiate your idea to create the presentation. The complete presentation will be done in an interactive manner so that we don’t miss a single point and both the stakeholders are on the same page at any time.


Will you revise and ramp-up my existing company presentation?

We have been helping mid-tier companies in revising and revamping their presentation. Most of the time senior corporates have the idea in mind along with data and facts to substantiate in presentation format. We help the senior corporates in structuring, sequencing of slides, beautification of slides to engage the audience in a better way. The degree to which we ramp up the presentation depends on time, the number of slides and seriousness of the matter.


How much time will you take to design the corporate presentation?

There are various parameters involved in order to determine the actual time for the project such as the number of slides, work already done on the slides, amount of research required, the number of meetings required with senior corporates and actual delivery of the project. We have done projects varying from 24 hours to 10 days. We ensure that we won’t take time more than what we commit.


How much will you charge for making my corporate presentation?

You can find the cost of improving a pitch deck on our pricing page. The final pricing of the pitch deck depends on various parameters such as the number of slides needed, the amount of research required, data are given by you, the time frame in which final presentation is required, etc.


What is your approach for improving my corporate presentation?
Our approach is divided into three steps.
Story building: Connecting all the information in your pitch deck in a logical flow
Content optimization: Optimizing the content on slides by trimming/rephrasing/reorganizing it
Visual enhancement: Designing all the slides to keep them relevant to your industry, brand, and offering.



I have several marketing collaterals like the brochure, leaflets, website and social media profiles, will those be sufficient for you to create a crisp corporate presentation for us?
These marketing collaterals will be sufficient to start with our presentation, but to garnish with facts and data and to cater audience in an appropriate manner, we need the commitment from both the sides. For that, we need one to two meetings to ensure both the stakeholders are on the same page. The final presentation also depends on the quality and quantity of content required for the final delivery.


We send our presentation over the email in a pdf format, so will you ensure that final presentation has a lower size?
The size of the complete presentation can be modified as per the requirement. We will ensure that other devices such as tablet and the mobile phone also support the presentations.


We have multiple stakeholders and need to create multiple variants of the corporate presentation. Will that be covered if I use your services?

Our complete project revolves around your satisfaction. If multiple variants of corporate presentation are required we would keep that in mind and pricing would be done accordingly. Multiple variants will be designed based on different audience and facts and data to be shared.


We have specific brand guidelines in place, can you create our corporate presentation’s look and feel which comply with those guidelines?

Yes, those guidelines will be kept in mind provided those are shared with us beforehand. We do have a form which we share with you before starting for any project. This will make sure of various aspects such as size, brand guidelines, aspect ratio, the number of slides, audience, timeline, etc.


Can I edit the corporate presentation designed by you later?

Yes, you can completely edit the presentation on your own because we make everything within PowerPoint or keynote to keep the things easy for you. That’s the great feature that you can edit and redesign the presentation whenever needed and required.


What will be the final set of deliverables in your corporate presentation design project?
The final deliverable will be a beautiful presentation that will sign the deal and impress the senior corporates. The final deliverable will be a result of your facts and data and our expertise in designing the presentation.

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