Founder & Presentation Consultant

Aayush Jain

Aayush began his career with Infosys to work as a Business Analyst and later moved to a Brand Consultancy where he helped more than 35+ brands on comprehensive strategic branding assignments.

With an experience of more than 6 years and a passion for making presentation, he started INK PPT.

Technology & Product Developer

Deepankar Bhardwaj

Deepankar hails from New Delhi and has a passion to work in the field of technology and mobility solutions. His experience with new age product development companies makes him a distinguished contributor in our technology needs, apps and new product development.

Management & Corporate Trainer

Sonal Singh

Sonal is from Canada and has over 7 years of experience in Corporate Communications & Management Consulting across Canada, UK and India. In the past, She has worked with Deloitte (Canada), LSE Public Policy Group & UK Government in different strategic and managerial roles.

Business Development Consultant

Tarun Gupta

Tarun brings a unique content strategy and communication planning expertise to our client presentations. A post graduate from a premier B School (SP Jain, Mumbai), he loves participating in B-Plan competitions and a holds a prior work experience of 3 years in Oracle.

Presentation Designer

Jatin Kumar

Jatin is an experienced designer who has been working in outdoor designing earlier. The whole idea of creating awesome presentations fascinated him to change his stream to a presentation designer. He adds a lot of value and still get amazed of what all can be done with presentations.

Advisor, HR & Talent Management

Varun Chowdhary

Is a writer who's dayjob is to understand how people, organisations and people in organisations work. A Master of Human Resource and Organisational Development from the DSE he is currently an Advisor in all things talent driven. His passion is connecting the right talent to the right role.

Marketing & New Business Development

Anuj Gupta

A serial entrepreneur with a passion in digital marketing and technology oriented start-ups. Anuj takes care of our Digital marketing and New business development strategies. With a management degree in finance from University of Strathclyde, UK, he is an asset to the team.

Content Writer

Nikita Sorathia

An Autodidact and an Engineer by degree. A passionate reader and an epistemophilia content writer. Sherlock Holmes is the character that inspired me to presume writing as my career. And just like him, I too love my work! I enjoy wrapping the boring words into indigenous characters that people like to read.

Professional Copywriter


Terry is a professional copywriter from Chicago, IL with over 8 years of experience in creative writing. A graduate from Ball State University (United States), his passion is writing content that tells a story. Whether it’s three paragraphs or three words, the idea is to create something fresh and compelling for the viewer to think about.

Presentation Designer

Aleksandar Runtevski

А computer science and information systems specialist with a keen interest in design. With Over 8 years of experience, he brings a fresh perspective to the team. He hails from Macedonia and is Passionate about designing presentation, branding and delivering results to businesses.

Graphics Designer


Tin is a design nerd, and you can tell it by her hipster glasses. Her passions spans from programming to Jungian psychology, but her true love: design. To her, nothing is as universal as everyone's indulgence to colors and form, hence the 4 years of experience in crafting powerful visuals.