INKPPT Unveils a Stunning ‘Corporate Life’ Infographic Presentation Template

October 8th, 2018: INK PPT launched a new Infographic Template based on different elements of corporate culture in modern organizations. The company has aptly named the template ‘Corporate Life’. It features high-end vector graphics that depict various situations, challenges, and achievements we all come across in an organization. The cool blue colored theme gives a contemporary yet elegant look to the whole template.


This corporate styled template was created by a highly experienced design team based on thorough research and deep insights. Firstly, it has been quite evident in the past few years, and has also been verified by research that organizations are moving towards flat and visually rich graphics, instead of text-heavy reports and presentations. Corporate teams support visuals and even in PowerPoint presentations, more visual representations are highly appreciated. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, similarly, an infographic rich slide deck is thousand times better than a text-heavy decks.
The need of the higher management to be presented with less information is another reason why rich graphics are preferred over multiple slides of text. The need of the hour is only that information which assists managers in the decision-making process. Also, simple clipart and poor graphics make the presentation look juvenile and amateurish. Which is why it is more important than ever to invest in high quality and powerful graphics for corporate presentations. This new product has been developed as part of a mission where INK PPT is focusing on making complex, high impact graphics available at an affordable price for its ongoing followers and fans base.
Lastly, the availability of quality graphics in the presentation is limited. Most of these graphics are expensive to develop and are usually available as Illustrator files which further needs other tools and professionals to make edits making it difficult for people to change them in real-time.

Direct Beneficiaries

This is the biggest reason why INK PPT has launched a range of Presentation templates in the affordable price range so that anyone ranging from a mid-level manager to the senior leadership can instantly buy them to save their time and effort in themselves developing these presentations. Corporate Life template is the newest entry in the wide array of infographic series. The rich graphics and a modern theme also make this template ideal for strategic teams, Corporate Communication, Marketing, HR professionals in Fortune 500 companies, Start-up and professionals working as freelancers.

Product Highlights

The template comes loaded with the slides on the subject of Leadership, Training, Automation, Success, Global Cooperation, Business Investment, Growth, Idea Concept, Goals, Achievement, Organisation process, Power, Internet of Things, Data Screen, Direction, Teamwork, Progress, Inspiration, Challenge, Performance, Communication, Innovation, Connection, Motivation, Vision, Opportunity, Cloud Concept, Competition, Marketing Transformation, Thought Leadership, Collaboration, Networking, Interviews and much more!

Technical Features

The Corporate Life Infographic template uses powerful graphics to demonstrate the workings of a strategic corporate model. This template depicts different facets of a modern corporate workplace in a visually appealing theme. Apart from visually engaging, useful & appealing, the product is also scalable & technically powerful to offer best experience to maximum users.
Some Salient Technical Features of this product includes:
1. 70+ Unique Slides
2. .PPTX File / .KEY File
3. Full Editable Gradients
4. High Resolution
5. Latest Gradient Colors Used
6. Works on MS office versions 2010, 2013, O365, 2016, 2018
7. Granular Grouping
8. 16:9 Screen Ratio
9. 24×7 Support Service
10. Change color with a single click

Software Compatible Variants & Pricing

This product will be available in two variants for PowerPoint and Keynote for Windows and Mac users respectively and later will also be developed for Google Slides. The Corporate Life Infographic Presentation Template is available at a minimal cost of $20 each for Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides(Later) respectively.


The template will be available online for instant download on all popular Global Digital Product Marketplaces including Etsy, Creativemarket, Templatemonster, The hungry jpeg and Graphicriver. The relevant download links for each of the platforms is given below for your quick reference.
Creativemarket —  PowerPoint (       |     Keynote (
The hungry jpeg —  PowerPoint (      |     Keynote (
Design Bundles —  PowerPoint (       |     Keynote (
Etsy —  PowerPoint (
INK PPT is committed to high impact graphics and will soon be releasing more engaging graphics in the time to come. We hope that our beloved customers will enjoy this amazing product & it will help them Present Better.

Presentation Explorer Series: How to Modify Shapes in PowerPoint?

Working with shapes in PowerPoint is always fun and adds more substance to your presentations. PowerPoint offers the functionality and flexibility to create, format, edit and modify shapes using 3D effects, shadows and different colours to make it more eye-catching. But what if you realize that you need to modify all triangles that you used in your ppt, and convert it into star shape without changing all the effects that you’ve applied to each shape? Lot of effort, right? Wrong! It’s very easy to do this if you know the right way. Here’s how you can modify shapes in PowerPoint.
In this tutorial we will see how to modify shape in PowerPoint you can see a shape before and after modification.
1. Create a box using existing shapes of PowerPoint by going to insert, shapes and selecting a rectangle
2. Select the box and fill the colour by going to format, shape fill and select the colour

3. Select the shape you want to edit Now, go to Format Tab and choose Edit Point under edit shape option
4. Now, you will see the shapes nodes. Select the node of shape from where you want to edit
5. Drag the node inwards or outwards to make the shape curved from that node area

6. You can right click to delete a specific node if needed or add a new one


That’s about it! This is all you need to do to make change the shapes in your PowerPoint presentation. Go ahead, now play with shapes as much as you want.