Get Uncomfortable, Cross The Unknown River, Explore New Possibilities!

3 friends, Jane, Lana and Alex were camping in a forest during the month of November, when fall was at its peak, the leaves were the color of burnt orange, and the flickering twilight between the dense trees reminded one of a parallel universe, where everything seemed perfect in harmony and nature. This was their usual camping spot, which they went to every year in order to get a short respite from the mundane city life and endless work hours that kept them glued to their phones, and desks.
Even though everything had its usual touch, this time, Lana had different plans! She really wanted to perk things up and try something that the 3 of them had never tried before. As they were sitting around the fire one night, Lana said “Hey guys, you know I was wondering, wouldn’t be great if we tried exploring the other side of this river”. She said that as she pointed to a bed of water that looked extremely still, so much so, that it would irk someone’s soul. It almost seemed inviting, yet daunting. There was momentary silence between the 3 before Alex burst out laughing. “ Lana, you’re crazy. You know I can’t even think of doing that. I just got over from healing from this foot fracture”. Jane too joined in and said “Lana, can’t we just do what we ALWAYS do, instead of venturing out into things we’ve never done before”. Aren’t you happy?” Lana said “Guys, this is exactly why I want to try this. We come here every year, do the same thing, roast marshmallows, talk about our life struggles and then explore the woods, and go back to the city life. I want us to do something different, something we can all remember. Alex, you don’t have to worry, I never said we had to be ‘Moses’ in order to cross the river. We will hire a boat. You can sit, take in the beauty, and relax. Jane, you need to expand your horizons, try out things you’ve never done before. How else would you grow?” The 2 friends didn’t say anything, but looked at each other and then Lana, and then finally smiled and agreed!
The next day, they set out early, all 3 of them huddled in a tiny boat, as they slowly made their way across the river. After several hours, they reached the other side, and even before they could plant their feet on the ground, they were shocked and bewildered by the amazing wealth they found in this spectacular natural surrounding! Luscious trees of some of the most exotic fruits, a tiny village that was buzzing with life, and the most gorgeous view of the mountain that they had never seen on any of their previous visits! They soon realized how much they had missed out on all these years. They always stayed safe on the OTHER side, but little did they know of the beauty and amazing views that were on the side that they were on NOW!
Unless you seek new possibilities, how will you know what you’re capable of achieving! They say ‘Your learning begins at the end of your comfort zone’, and this story proves it to be so.
*These stories are fictitious and are here to help you quote examples of leadership through inspiring and thought provoking anecdotes. Feel free to use these to amplify your message.*

9 Most desired features in PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations have come a long way in the way they look, and the impact they create. Whether it is for a small group presentation, or a large scale conference, the corporate life would be meaningless without PowerPoint presentations, as they truly form the crux and foundation for all businesses across the world.
While PowerPoint has many features that one can make the most use of, there are 9 features that are yet to find their place and prominence, and hence leave a lot of scope for creative and innovative expression.

Ability to export animated GIF’s

Nothing makes a presentation come to life the way GIF’s can. Besides empowering the message, it makes the entire presentation visually appealing and interactive. While this feature is not currently supported by PowerPoint, it is definitely one of the most sought after.

Save MOV files

The ability to save Multimedia files is present in PowerPoint, but is not present in MOV format, which is exclusive to Apple products. In a day and age where viewers consume video based content more than static, having this feature would amplify the messages that are presented by corporates on a global scale.

Lock Slide Objects

Even though one can easily group certain objects while creating a PowerPoint presentation, it is not possible to lock selected elements on a slide. Therefore, this makes it in the top 3 of our ‘desired features’ list for PowerPoint.

Replace color in the entire deck

Yes, everything on the PowerPoint application is easy, and a lot of things can be executed with just a few clicks, but replacing the entire color in the deck in one go is still not a possibility in PowerPoint. If one has to attempt to change the color, that person has to do it manually, which is definitely more time consuming, and becomes a hassle.

Pre-integrated Animated Icons

Bringing the PPT to life with pre-integrated animated icons is next level innovation that we hope becomes a possibility in the near future. Icon sets are great, but animation is where the world is right now, and we hope that PowerPoint picks up on this soon!

Save each slide as separate video

If you are using PowerPoint to create Instagram content, or anything related to social media, instead of hiding slides manually in order to export videos, it would be great to have a mechanism through which we could save every slide as a separate video, as that would make the process easy and less cumbersome.

Support drag and drop eps files

While PowerPoint has started supporting .svg files lately, it is important that a globally known vector format like eps should also be made available. This would be great, as it would help avoid the unnecessary step of having to convert files before using them.

Back and forth video play

We have already stressed on videos being an essential part of PowerPoint presentations, and going in sync with that is this one feature which is of the back and forth video play that is yet to be seen and made use of in PowerPoint. If one needs to make a reverse loop quirky content for social media content, then this would be a very useful feature.

Bigger canvas value than 56 inches

56 inches is the maximum that a PowerPoint is going to go up to, however a bigger resolution is what we live to see. Greater value, greater visibility and a greater effect of all the images and designs will surely come together in a dynamic way if this number gets stretched, and literally so! Moreover, best presentations templates are used for large-scale events, and therefore having a feature that extends in size would be beneficial.

Background video autoplay on visiting a previous slide

If this feature would be implemented, it would take PowerPoint presentations to a whole new level, besides adding to the aesthetics and effect. Currently, when we move from one slide to the next slide, and then if we visit the previous slide, the video content of that slide (if any) would not play automatically, but this feature would be really helpful in creating a touch-screen capability in PowerPoint, besides enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Better animations and transitions

PowerPoint, since its inception has always provided a wide variety of transitions and animations, however we still have a long way to go in getting better quality transitions and animations like Title animations, parallax effect, carousel, cinema graph etc. Like they say, there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Why Bigger Brands Should Always Focus On Making Customized Presentations

In today’s competitive race for achieving success, brands all over the world constantly come up with new innovative ways through which they keep their consumers hooked. Winning new business opportunities, cracking lucrative deals, and attracting new investors and stakeholders is the name of the game, but is there a definite approach that either MAKES it, or BREAKS it for big brands who are striving to create that cutting edge? The answer is YES, there is! And that approach is in making customized presentations that not only appeal to the target audience, but help in creating a life-long relationship with them as well. Refreshing and original content, appealing visuals, unique display of brand vision, and making the most of the emotional connect and relatability present in the brand vision are the major factors that make up a customized presentation, which harnesses brand success.
Get on board with customization being at the forefront, and let these components bring your presentations to life!


Nothing reeks more than clichéd and redundant presentations that churn out age-old content and themes. The new-age consumer is smart, aware and knows how to tell the difference between a brand that is all ‘fluff’, and a brand that offers genuine advice, solution or products. As a big brand, you definitely can’t afford to take a chance with content that is hackneyed. Stay true to what your brand claims through original content, and support it with facts, visuals, and stories that amplifies it even further.

A Fresh Approach & Uniqueness

This goes hand in hand with the first point. With today’s consumer being spoilt for choice, what is it that you bring to the table that comes off as DIFFERENT OR INTERESTING? It’s all about innovation and creative thinking! While giving a presentation on your brand, and all that you have achieved or wish to achieve, ensure that it comes packaged with a unique twist. Start off your presentation with a story, an incident that changed the way your brand functions, or the inspiration that led to its conceptualization. A fresh approach is key while creating a customized presentation that strikes a chord with the masses.


An average person perceives presentations as boring or time consuming, because there is usually little or none for them to do, except listen. Get your consumer involved during your presentation. Ask them questions, call someone up and run a little fun experiment with them, or give them a task that they can do, while sitting in their seat. The more you engage your audience, the more personal it gets, and thereby, more successful for you and your brand.

Get the Right Attention

While preparing your presentation, you need to see how it relates to your user, how it fulfills their needs, or answers all their doubts. If your presentation is ONLY about figures, numbers, or your own personal success, it is far from being relatable or customized. Get the attention of your audience, but make sure you tap into the right audience, and their mindset, as that ultimately shapes your brand. Being a big brand, you can afford to choose the type of attention you want to garner, so make the most of it.


Define your strengths, but make it seem like it all springs from your target audience. While empowering your consumer with the thought that they had a pivotal role to play in your success, you also end up winning their trust and loyalty for a lifetime. At the end of the day, your consumers are in fact, the real driving source behind the success of your brand, so why not take that up a notch?

Translates Vision into Visuals

What you SEE is what SELLS, and that theory never seems to fail. Regardless of how long the concept of marketing and advertising has been around, unless you have appealing visuals to back up your vision with, you will not be able to make a powerful connect with your audience. Always make sure that your presentation has more visuals than text, and the visuals need to tell a story of their own. The more personalized the better!