How to create a pitch deck presentation?

To make your startup stand out pitch decks are absolutely essential. The slides to include in your investor pitch presentation are explained below.

Company Vision Along with Overall Value Proposition

A one-sentence explanation about your business and the kind of value you want to provide is enough in this. Ensure your content is around 150 characters or less in your sponsorship deck template. 

The Problem To Solve

Your business must be actively looking to solve a problem. Mention the customer-facing problem and how your product or service can solve that problem in this slide even if you are using a sponsorship deck template to make this presentation. You can tell a relatable and engaging story in this slide.

Primary Target Market

In this slide of your investor pitch presentation explain in detail your primary customer and the size of your potential market. Place quantifiable data to support the information you provide. 

The Answer

Use this slide to go into greater detail about your service or product and how it is the solution. Discuss the way your product or service solves the customer’s problem and the way you offer a better solution in this slide of your investor pitch presentation.

The Business Model

Explain here the way your product is going to generate revenue for the business. You should go into detail about why these advertisers will want to partner with you if you’re creating a content site and also the way you will acquire these relationships etc.

Basic Milestones

In this investor pitch presentation slide tell me about what you have already achieved and where are you intending to go. Include that information in case you released your product to early adopters. You could also mention some milestones that you have reached and the ones you expect to reach. 

Market Plan

Talk about the way you will reach the target audience and gain traction here. Include the information if you are working on a marketing plan and sales strategy, and detail out any specifics about your plan of action in this investor pitch presentation slide.

Management Team

Discuss here the way you and your management team are going to grow your company. Explain the way the members of your team bring unique skills to your startup and why they are so great. You can also mention any major board of directors, investors, and board of advisors that are involved with you.

Financial Projections

Solely highlight your financials, including your sales forecast, profit and loss statement and cash flow forecast here. Explain all this in easy-to-read charts that make the data easier to digest.

Competitive Analysis

Show the way your idea or product is better than the competition and why customers should go with your product. Explain the place your brand positions your product or service and what differentiates you from others.

Funds Usage

In this final slide explain the amount of money you require and what it will help you achieve. Investors want to know what, and how their funding will do for your business. 
A sponsorship deck template can also be used to make your work simple and professional at the same time.


Ensure to do your research properly as your pitch deck is an invaluable tool for your business and will decide the success of your business. You can also use a sponsorship deck template for your pitch deck presentation to make your designing work easy. 

How to Create a Webinar Presentation?

If anyone is organizing a webinar then they want it to make it successful. Here we have shared some steps that will help:

STEP 1. Choose the Topic:

The first step in making any webinar powerpoint should be to find out the information to share and formulate the webinar topic.
Try to choose something that reflects your expertise and your personality. If you are looking to reap long-term benefits then go for value.
If a relevant and unique topic is used in your webinar powerpoint then it will increase the audience’s interest and make them stick to your event sponsorship deck.

STEP 2. Plan your Content:

Now the next step is planning the delivery of your content. The absence of a clear-cut plan in a webinar PowerPoint will lead you to be less confident and making more mistakes.
Brainstorm and note down all ideas beforehand then afterwards take all your ideas and organize them logically. Specifying the timeframe for delivering each idea will work the best.
Try to answer the following questions when making your plan:

  • How?
  • What?
  • How long?
  • Why?

STEP 3. Make the Slides Ready:

Choose a service for webinar PowerPoint creation at first. It can either be Microsoft PowerPoint or any other software like Keynote for Apple, or Google Presentation. Make your event sponsorship deck slides according to these principles:

  • Show only one idea per slide
  • Use more visuals, than text
  • Try to use two or three colours in total neither very less nor too much.
  • Prepare some questions in advance. Live polling is a great option to engage your audience. Include some polls in your presentation.
  • Maintain structure and consistency to make your presentation an organic whole, like try to use the same fonts, colours, and style elements across all slides.
  • Some articles and pdf files in advance will help your attendees’ comprehension and help to keep them engaged.

STEP 4. Deliver the Presentation

Try to deliver your webinar PowerPoint presentation keeping in mind the following points:

  • Practice as much as you can.
  • To keep your listener’s attention keep each slide of your event sponsorship deck on screen for not very long.
  • Involve your audience. Of course, the simplest way is, to talk to your audience. 
  • Change your presenters as well along with your event sponsorship deck slides. You can either invite guest speakers or give chance to your participants.
  • Recharge your batteries before a webinar by taking a nap, going for a walk or anything that can help you to clear your mind.


In the success of your webinar, the quality of your event sponsorship deck plays a crucial role. And you can make it either boring or engaging.
Either you can win many more clients, or make it a complete waste of time. You will make more profits with a better event sponsorship deck.

How to design a professional PowerPoint presentation?

Designing a professional Powerpoint presentation is all about impressions. 
Here we have shared some PowerPoint tips that will help you keep your audience engaged, avoid common mistakes, and craft a professional-looking presentation, in form and content.
Slide Design
Give your slide design a professional touch to win your audience’s trust and attention as it provides a first and lasting impression.

Compose Your Slides Cautiously Don’t copy and paste slides from different sources:

You can use a basic template or make your own. You will get a wide selection of professional presentation templates on PowerPoint, and you can also get free ones online. You can also go for presentation agencies providing professional presentation services.

Choose an easy to read font: 

It’s hard to get this right, but these professional-looking Google fonts are a safe bet. 

Choose font sizes carefully for headers and text:

Make your fonts large enough.

Leave some space for highlights, such as images or take-home messages:

Try not to bury these elements in background noise but give them the space they need as they need to stand out. 

Decorate less but well:

You will not need decoration if you have good content. Your template will be enough for your presentation services and do the job well.

Use Consistency

Use font and sizes consistently on all slides. Your presentation services should be such that they take the time to match your colours or visuals to your Powerpoint presentation design.Text and Background Colors Your entire presentation can get ruined if your presentation services choose poor colours.

Use Contrast

White background with black text always works the best, but also the most boring choice. You can use colours! But try to use them responsibly.
Make sure to keep it easy on the eyes and always try to keep good contrast in mind.

Apply Brilliance

Any good presentation services uses colour carefully to highlight your message! Don’t use too many colours in too many places and weaken the colour effect. Make a brilliant choice: match colours for design and a good contrast to highlight your message. 

Take-Home Message

Try to always summarize your key point in a Take Home Message. 
Make your Take Home Message memorable as it is your key message and a summary of your data or story.
Presentation Visuals
Images are the main elements of every product launch ppt. Your audience wants to see what you’re talking about as they have ears and eyes, and having a good visual cue will make them comprehend your message way better.

Add Images

Try to use more images in your product launch ppt than you use text. But avoid using images to decorate! Images should only be used to reinforce or complement your message. Add images in order to visualize or explain your story.
PowerPoint Media and Animations
Animations are considered really powerful tools to visualize and explain complex matters in your product launch ppt. A good animation improves understanding, and also make the message stay with your audience.
Try to use animations and media sparingly like in cases when:

  • There is a need to draw attention
  • To clear out a model or focus on an effect.

Target Your Presentation Content
Your audience is your target, and they define the content of your product launch ppt.

Remember Your Audience:

Ask yourself the following questions when you put together your PowerPoint presentation:

  • What is my audience aware of?
  • What to tell them?
  • What are their expectations?
  • What will interest them?
  • What can they be taught?
  • How to keep them focused?

Put your product launch ppt slides down to the very essentials after answering these questions. 

Practice Like a Professional:

In order to convince your audience and keep their attention have a well practised and enthusiastic talk. Here are some key points to follow:

  • Be aware of all your slides inside out.
  • Speak up confidently, freely, loud and clear.
  • Speak steadily, better slow than too fast.
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience.

How to create a business plan presentation?

As long as your business idea is in your head, creating a wow business plan presentation is a perfect idea. But as you try to translate it into a presentation it comes undone. So, let’s talk here about the fundamentals of preparing a business proposal ppt.

Keep Your message clear and concise.

The heartbeat of any successful business proposal ppt is keeping your message clear and concise which makes it successful. Explain your business idea to yourself to ensure your message comes off logically.
You will be able to explain better if you have a stronger grip on your idea.
In other words, ensure that your plans are summarized into a business pitch deck. Also, remember to use simple and easy language — If a child is able to understand your business idea then you are in the correct direction. 

The slides should be easy to read and understand

f a clear message is considered as the heart of a successful presentation, ease in understanding along with good readability are the lungs, which give your business proposal ppt life. 
Here we have shared a couple of things that can be done that can help in creating digestible slides.

Choose an easy-to-read font.

Take a look at how well the font style and size are adjusted in the business proposal ppt template. If the font size will keep changing then it will create a visual flow that navigates viewers’ attention.

Choose an easy on the eyes color contrast:

Be aware of those bright colors that hurt the eye and are quite difficult to look at. Try to stay away from all of those. A very subtle color combination will work the best in your business proposal ppt.

Try to use the least text.

To achieve this, read each line carefully and question yourself: can it be fine to eliminate a few words from it? If the answer to this question comes out as yes, remove those words from the line. Concisely, make each word earn its keep in your business pitch deck.

Pay close attention to all the visual elements in each slide:

Smartly, use all the design elements without overdoing them. You might surely have heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but getting perfect visual components in your business pitch deck can take a lot of effort. 
Let’s explain it in another way, it is not just about throwing a bunch of thumbnail images and icons and calling it a day. Actually, it is all about adding them reasonably so they are persuasive rather than extra baggage. 
Wrapping it all up, the aim is crafting any business pitch deck presentation that’s understandable, readable, and clutter-free. I hope now you will be able to draft an impressive business plan presentation to achieve your desired goals. Don’t forget to let us know how much help this article turned out to you in making your business pitch deck presentation. Good luck:)