Story of our beginning

INK PPT is a story which started back in 2010 when Aayush (The Founder), in his old Infosys days was given an unusual assignment to create a slide having logos of some Infosys Customers arranged beautifully. He did not realized that his frustrating journey of downloading those 80 logos and arranging them on the slide will become the inspiration & direction of his life one day.
Starting his journey from that single slide, he became famous within his team for creating great presentations and worked on several strategic presentations for Infosys leadership to eventually start his journey as a “Brand Consultant” at Brands of Desire. The 3 years of exciting journey as a Brand Consultant resulted into the beginning of another story, INK PPT.
During his years of experience, certain important learning laid the idea for INK PPT.
Not everyone can design good presentations
Good ideas get rejected due to bad presentations
People connect with stories more than facts and numbers
In digital age, Presentations are the canvas to drive learning, change and awareness
With these learnings, INK PPT is working “To help people present better”.

The first slide where everything started.
Other slides from the first presentation