About Us

INK PPT is a presentation design consultancy based out of New Delhi, India.
We serve individuals and organisations globally to bring a distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements through professional presentation services & solutions. We have been energising interactions through captivating decks, graphic and motion design using persuasive visual communication & story telling techniques.
Like everyone, we also have our unique story which laid the foundation for INK PPT. To make all of this possible, we have a hard working team of designers, consultant, copy writer,  presentation designer and marketers.

What We believe

Storytelling is one of the most effective methods being used from generations to share an idea, information or learnings. Coming back from early wall engraving caveman to the modern social media users, Stories have always found their places in our lives in the form of experiences, people and activities. Telling stories connect unknown people due to shared experiences, values and emotions and has proven to be the strongest method to drive a movement or change.
We are here to tell your story to the world in a better way.