Powerpoint Presentation

In the professional world, PowerPoint Presentations are the very first impression of your firm. They not only depict the features of a particular project but also are an efficient way to present your professionalism and attitude towards work. Therefore, it is important to look upon the basic essential etiquette for professional PowerPoint presentations that can make a powerful impact by using an appropriate structure, design and content.


It is one of the basic etiquette to opt for a consistent and simple design template to make the PowerPoint presentations more effective and powerful. It is also crucial to be consistent in using elements like fonts, colours and background.

Creating a logical sequence in the presentation

A random assortment of ideas can ruin everything and make your presentation meaningless. Therefore, it is important to keep a flow while organising the thoughts in the PowerPoint slides.

Following the 6 × 7 Rule

This rule simply states that one should not use more than six lines or bullets per slide and more than seven words per line.

Limited number of slides

It is important to note that the presentation must not be too long as it can become monotonous and distract the reader as well.

Limited use of punctuation marks and capital letters

Using a lot of punctuation marks can create confusion and the extra use of capital letters can make the presentations more difficult to read.

Opting for colour contrast for background and texts

Using an attractive colour contrast can make the presentation more sequential and effective. Use light tones like beige for the backgrounds to make it appealing for the eyes. Even patterned or textured backgrounds can affect the readability of the text. One can quote important words in different colours to attract the audience. But beware! Extra dark colour combinations can have a negative impact on the overall presentation.