Gone are the days when EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files were freely used in your PowerPoint presentations. Last year, Microsoft disabled this functionality due to security reasons. But fret not! That doesn’t mean you can’t include beautiful vectors in your slides anymore. Thanks to EMF (Enhanced MetaFile), your presentations can still be created using powerful vector graphics.

What is EMF?

EMF files are very similar to EPS files. EMFs can be fully edited in PowerPoint and even its size and colors can be easily modified. Not only that, they can be broken down into distinct objects for editing the separate pieces individually.
Here’s how you can convert EPS files to EMF in no time and get on with your vector needs for PowerPoint.

Convert Vectors into EMF format

1. Open your EPS file (which you wish to import in PowerPoint) in Adobe Illustrator (version doesn’t matter).
2. Ungroup the EPS vectors till you have all the elements ungrouped into the individual unit.
3. Now you need to eliminate any type of gradient which exists in the EPS file by converting the gradients into the flat color fill. You can refer the before & after comparison given below.

4. Export (A Feature under “file” Tab in Illustrator) the entire EPS into EMF format choosing the EMF file format from the dropdown menu of file type.

5. Open your PowerPoint & import the converted EMF file into PowerPoint you can do this by drag & drop.
6. Ungroup your imported vector graphic & you will notice a pop-up warning. Simply Select “Yes”. (As shown below) Ungroup multiple times now.

7. Now, you need to delete a transparent box which is automatically created wherever you ungroup any EMF vector for the first time.
8. Your EPS has been successfully imported & now you can change the colors of elements like a usual PowerPoint shape & group the various smaller elements together.
Tip: Always lock the ratio if you wish to expand the size of the vector.
And you’re done! Now you can resize, edit, reposition and change the color of its elements. Isn’t it amazing? Try this out now and share your experience with us in the comments.
We’ll keep you posted on more PowerPoint updates and all the latest happenings in the presentation industry.