With a prestigious background of tea gardens and steel business in Assam, GATIK group was set up 11 years back and has delivered around a million square feet of residential developments in posh areas of Delhi and Gurgaon providing homes to thousands of families with excellent construction quality and timely possession. The group is an emerging name in the large projects for real estate and construction industry.

Project Background

Gatik Group is coming with premium farm villas project, Eden Gardens, in the region of Bhiwadi to provide quality living to the elite workforce who wish to move out from the cobwebs of Delhi and Gurgaon for a peaceful living experience.


They were looking for a communication solution to enable their sales team to educate the potential buyers about the emerging problems being faced in Delhi and Gurgaon region and how Bhiwadi can be a good investment and peaceful living destination for the near future. The communication solution was need to be designed in such a way that it becomes easier for the sales professional to remember the benefits on their finger tips.

What we did

We created a complete story starting with the challenges being faced in Delhi & Gurgaon and explaining about the upcoming developmental hubs in the NCR region. Moving on, we positioned & demonstrated Bhiwadi’s strength and future potential.
To Make the sales plan presentation memorable, we devised a creative communication strategy of demonstrating the benefits & development of Bhiwadi in the form of an abbreviation where every letter of the word BHIWADI highlighted a specific aspect of the city.


We feel special to be able to add value to our client’s organization. The observations and end results of our efforts were manifold.
Sales Team efficiency–The entire sales team were taught only once and they were able to completely understand and remember the benefits on their finger tips
Brand Building–The similar and standardized look & feel of the entire deck helped in building a strong association and recognition with the brand
Better Presentations–The presentations looked much better than before by having a completely fresh and modernized look to the decks which stayed untouched for years