SKV helps top global organizations in realizing their dreams for providing a perfect & positive working environment to their employees. SKV is a premier business interior company in India providing services around Design & Build, General Contracting, Construction Management and Refurbishments of corporate working environments.

Project Background

SKV approached us for developing a short and precise presentation which can demonstrate the execution capabilities of SKV and highlight the standardized working methodologies they follow in business interior projects.


SKV has been serving for more than 7 years now but they have struggled to communicate their holistic approach, capability to deliver and the depth of their business solutions to the client. The existing communication collaterals were incomplete, unprofessional and does not demonstrate the depth of the organization.

What we did

We spent a week understanding the dynamics of this industry and the role of business interior companies in building a positive workspace environment. Post that we suggested our client to conduct a personalized shoot to demonstrate the depth of how they work and follow the industry best practices for delivering excellent results.
The photoshoot was then used to create a convincing, graphically rich presentation which talked about why SKV stands differentiated viz-a-viz its competitors and how their unique principles inspire them to work everyday.


The results were profound and helped SKV win over the confidence of several business prospects & leads.
Better Business Conversions– Our solution helped SKV demonstrate their strengths to various business prospects which helped them in better conversions and more business
Brand Building – There was a slow transformation in the perception of existing and new customers about SKV’s brand. They noticed and appreciated the professional communication approach adopted by SKV.
Business Optimization – A video version of the Business Idea Presentation was used to share with the clients and helped SKV reduce their business development life cycle and their resource investment in explaining their prospects about their brand