Adding Consistency to the Brand ANAND

ANAND Group is an Automotive Ancillary conglomerate, with headquarters in Delhi, India. It manufactures as well as supplies automotive systems and components. The history of ANAND dates back to 1961 with its flagship company, Gabriel set up in collaboration with Maremont Corporation.

ANAND has numerous touchpoints linked to its internal and external arrangements like co-branding, digital, print, stationery, advertisements, product packaging and much more. Due to these applications, their brand identity got used differently by every stakeholder, leaving the consistency of brand identity somewhere behind. To provide uniformity to ANAND, a unified brand guideline & design system was to be developed for 18 group companies with cumulatively more than 6000 employees.

Defining Brand Identity

As their internal branding got distorted due to multiple partners and diversified usage, we started from scratch in benchmarking every aspect including, the angle of inclination for the letters in the logo, coming up with the brand colour swatches, defining the minimum and maximum size limits, infographic-style usage and much more. The logo of the brand evolved over the years so we also defined a brand meaning going with the values of the company.

Standardization Brand Stationary and Touchpoints

The brand of a company revolves around many aspects. With time, several different variants of business cards, letterheads and other strategic stationery elements got developed. Items like notepads had varied logos due to the lack of brand guidelines. We standardized the complete stationery and defined the appropriate colour, size, fabrication material to be used and also, logo proportion concerning the size of the item.


When a brand gets associated with several group companies, government bodies, internal brands, customers the logos are used together as a part of co-branding. This practice results in varied usage of the brand assets. We came up with the group company logo grid along with the co-branding merchandise that included logo-orientation horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for consistent brand usage across the internal and external events, partner meets and announcements.

Streamlining Internal Communication

The abundance of collaterals related to advertisements, brand posters, event certificates, employee lanyards, brand standees, Table podiums, invitation cards, product labels, branding panels are derived regularly displaying the brand identity. We came up with hard precision on every aspect like font size, spacing, texturing, colours, shapes etc. to deliver the much-required, explicit guidelines to the brand.

Photography Guide, Merchandise and Uniform

Endless photographs of the top management, employees, plant setup, operational activities are being clicked, requiring consistency in the language, tone of voice, styling, camera angle, positions and actions of the subject or object into consideration. We developed the guidelines for that and also for the brand merchandise, newsletter, uniform of the employees (to the level of defining colours, accessories, material and made).

Unifying External Touch Points

Once the internal branding got covered, we moved ahead with the external branding that included, bus branding, print ads, podiums, signages etc. Exhibiting a consistent brand language to be implemented all over ANAND has helped the company to communicate uniformly and precisely.