Interactions at ANAND

ANAND Automotive is one of the finest and well branded automotive component players in the Indian market. Every quarter, the corporate communication team releases an engaging, physically printed, A3 sized newsletter by the name of INTERACTION and circulate it globally to their audience. We are proud to partner them on a regular basis to design and create the experience of the newsletter and bring it up the curve. Year on year, the designs, quality, styles, stories keeps evolving and we keep innovating with our design methodology to come up with something new and exciting.

Glimpse of Auto Expo 2020

2020 - June Edition
This edition showcased the journey of the Auto Expo in a creative gallery format inspired by the creative theme of Autoexpo. Along with the cover story, we designed the COVID initiatives, e-learning and cover page for this issue.

Driving Next Gen Mobility

2020 - February Edition
This edition of Interaction was a special edition for Auto Expo 2020 with a key focus on the future-centric innovations from the group companies which will help in defining the roadmap for the future of the automotive industry. We developed and conceptualized the entire interaction from scratch with a detailed hand sketch visualization of each page layouts, concepts, illustrations, backgrounds, themes, text unit formations and copy improvement

The smarter safety solutions

2019 - November Edition
ANAND group got into another strategic venture with a global automotive safety giant and this edition was purely focused on the same. We assisted ANAND in developing a few creative spreads on topical themes with engaging layouts.

Empowering through education

2019 - June Edition
This edition of interaction was a highly creative design of interaction which was much centred around education and had some interesting infographics, layouts and designs around the same. All the layouts have been handcrafted and have been brainstormed, sketched and designed together to be unique, innovative and fresh.

Innovation at ANAND

2019 – February Edition

The theme was inspired by the idea of how a large organization like ANAND has been able to preserve its culture for innovation and has been constantly progressing into the future with new technologies, market offerings and service excellence in the Automotive sector. We developed several(not all) page layouts with creative newsletter design to capture the theme of innovation and also story-specific visualization.

Uplifting the communities

2018 - November Edition
Social transformation can not happen in isolation or just by focusing on a single aspect of society. The complete picture gets formed with a holistic developmental view through education, conservation, health and skill development for a progressive society. We worked on designing & developing the complete interaction from scratch with multiple creative story based themes for different spreads.

Driving with you - Since 1961

2018 - July Edition
This edition of interaction was based on the brand ANAND and its corporate services. The newsletter also captured the journey of the Auto Expo in a visual gallery, community conservation initiatives of Sujan (Hospitality vertical of ANAND) and other periodical stories.

We are future ready

2018 - February Edition
This theme was inspired and centred around our theme at Auto Expo where we participated and showcased our innovative product range on the theme of fuel efficiency, safety and Bharat stage 6.

Creating a Great Place To Work

2017 - September Edition
The theme & designs were inspired for a positive & collaborative work culture promoted across the organization.