Understanding Kalpataru

Every brand has its personality, which makes it stand out and develop the core competencies. We started with the creative research of Kalpataru and brainstormed to come up with a presentation portraying a super premium touch in synchronization with the brand identity.

Coming up with the design language

A comprehensive design kit was developed to propose a unique and brand-centric touch to the presentation. Elements like colour, typography, iconography, patterns, layouts were finalized and locked during the initial stages while keeping the brand at the heart to smoothen the execution part of the project.

Efficient usage of Styling and Fonts

Fonts and style are not just a statement of visual appeal, rather they communicate a lot more than words can do at times. We understand this and used the right mix of dual typography to make the document reflect the personality of Kalpataru.

The Kaleidoscopic Pattern

This design portrayed multiple unique patterns while speaking the language of diversity. The identity of a real estate brand gets polished by the showcase of artistic patterns emerging out. By doing so, the positioning(of being a luxurious brand) gets communicated well without even a word being said.

The Art of Research, Analysis and Execution

Creative research of the brand, Kalpataru, and it’s competitors initiated the brainstorming and ideation phase, we identified the existing brand positioning of Kalpataru, and it’s competitors to come up with an efficient and spot on designing and branding language.
This turned out to be the most effective and time-consuming phase but gave us some excellent results while making us feel proud.