Packaging Design for ANCHEM

ANCHEM is a Lubricant brand from the ANAND group. We initiated the task to create an attractive packaging design system for the three categories of fluids and oils in a highly competitive market. Leaders like Castrol dominated the market, so the packaging had to stand out to grab the driver's and mechanics' attention. It was to be made sure that the application and vehicle should be distinctly identifiable.

Exploring Dynamic Concepts

We developed three routes, all three being fairly unique; one was colour coded with a pattern distinction, the second was illustration based, and the last one was typographic.

In every design system, it was made sure that the visual vibrancy remains intact for all the different labels to look smart and follow the conceptualized design system.

Defining the Label Design System

Every design proposed by us was based on a firm legal aspect. It involved extensive market research for the development of a product and design foundation. Every pixel had a deep meaning associated with it. As high as 16 unique parameters were kept in mind while developing these concepts.

Fluid Packaging & Rollouts

We developed the complete packaging set using the finalized identity; the product was rolled out in the market with a clear distinction in the crowded shelf space and was able to perform well while exceeding market expectations.