ANAND Website Launch Video

ANAND Website Launch Video

ANAND revamped its website to offer a more personalized and user-friendly digital experience. It was a multi-platform website focusing on the digital omnipresence of an enterprise.

We were offered a task to make a video for launching the website. Our team captured the true essence of the whole website within the time frame of 2 minutes and also offered a unique outlook to the users in such a small interval.
Critical aspects like partnerships, businesses, human resources, integration of microsites, categorical listing, critical efficiency benchmarks were portrayed through this crisp video.
This website launch video came out as a talking point for numerous brands and individuals associated with ANAND.

Igniting Interactions at ANAND Group

Interactions at ANAND

ANAND Automotive is one of the finest and well branded automotive component players in the Indian market. Every quarter, the corporate communication team releases an engaging, physically printed, A3 sized newsletter by the name of INTERACTION and circulate it globally to their audience. We are proud to partner them on a regular basis to design and create the experience of the newsletter and bring it up the curve. Year on year, the designs, quality, styles, stories keeps evolving and we keep innovating with our design methodology to come up with something new and exciting.

Glimpse of Auto Expo 2020

2020 - June Edition
This edition showcased the journey of the Auto Expo in a creative gallery format inspired by the creative theme of Autoexpo. Along with the cover story, we designed the COVID initiatives, e-learning and cover page for this issue.

Driving Next Gen Mobility

2020 - February Edition
This edition of Interaction was a special edition for Auto Expo 2020 with a key focus on the future-centric innovations from the group companies which will help in defining the roadmap for the future of the automotive industry. We developed and conceptualized the entire interaction from scratch with a detailed hand sketch visualization of each page layouts, concepts, illustrations, backgrounds, themes, text unit formations and copy improvement

The smarter safety solutions

2019 - November Edition
ANAND group got into another strategic venture with a global automotive safety giant and this edition was purely focused on the same. We assisted ANAND in developing a few creative spreads on topical themes with engaging layouts.

Empowering through education

2019 - June Edition
This edition of interaction was a highly creative design of interaction which was much centred around education and had some interesting infographics, layouts and designs around the same. All the layouts have been handcrafted and have been brainstormed, sketched and designed together to be unique, innovative and fresh.

Innovation at ANAND

2019 – February Edition

The theme was inspired by the idea of how a large organization like ANAND has been able to preserve its culture for innovation and has been constantly progressing into the future with new technologies, market offerings and service excellence in the Automotive sector. We developed several(not all) page layouts with creative newsletter design to capture the theme of innovation and also story-specific visualization.

Uplifting the communities

2018 - November Edition
Social transformation can not happen in isolation or just by focusing on a single aspect of society. The complete picture gets formed with a holistic developmental view through education, conservation, health and skill development for a progressive society. We worked on designing & developing the complete interaction from scratch with multiple creative story based themes for different spreads.

Driving with you - Since 1961

2018 - July Edition
This edition of interaction was based on the brand ANAND and its corporate services. The newsletter also captured the journey of the Auto Expo in a visual gallery, community conservation initiatives of Sujan (Hospitality vertical of ANAND) and other periodical stories.

We are future ready

2018 - February Edition
This theme was inspired and centred around our theme at Auto Expo where we participated and showcased our innovative product range on the theme of fuel efficiency, safety and Bharat stage 6.

Creating a Great Place To Work

2017 - September Edition
The theme & designs were inspired for a positive & collaborative work culture promoted across the organization.

INK PPT Case Study: Nissan Magnite Launch


Due to the pandemic and the urge of standing out, brands are trying their hands at unusual tactics as the world has turned virtual. At the same time, a handful of brands are doing things differently while keeping the portrayal modest and simpler.

Nissan came out as one of them, The Global Unveil of Nissan Magnite was happening for the 1st time in India, the stakes remained high throughout. We worked around the product strategy of BIG. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. and delivered a near-live experience for the global virtual audience waiting to see this car go LIVE.

While all the other brands were busy creating virtual gimmicks, 3D flying objects on the screen, Nissan had a very different perspective to advocate the fact that they are BOLD and ready to take on new challenges for their customers and the world will be back to normal soon.

INK PPT perfected more than 100 slides within 15 days that involved the 3 members in total. The small and efficient team worked on synchronizing every slide according to the background audio and speakers' timing. Also, subtle animation kept ongoing simultaneously. Adding to the excellence, the whole rendering got completed in the 4K Video Quality for every slide which later went into post-production to completely stitch the show seamlessly.

A simplistic event turned out to be a grand one and never made the audience realize that they are not even present physically to witness the global unveil in India.

INK PPT Case Study: ANAND Auto Expo

Driving Nextgen Mobility

ANAND decided to participate in the Auto Expo event and required a fresh theme, a different narrative that falls in line with their future commitment to safer products, the rise of e-mobility, industrial shift to BS6 vehicles and competitiveness in the market.

Developing the theme

INK PPT developed 10+ themes for ANAND Auto Expo 2020 which aligns with their core philosophy and helps them set apart amongst the automotive component supplier ecosystem. These themes were centred on the values of the company and also towards the Auto Expo 2020. Developing numerous themes opened many narratives in terms of design exploration for the client.

Rolling out Visuals

A stall visual language was created by us and also the poster creatives for every other wall and the zones for the event. Other than this, we also cracked the visual concepts for engagement zones. As we developed the themes for ANAND, an e-invite was conceptualized and made from scratch for inviting the visitors to the stall.

Smart Touchscreen Catalogs

We created multiple touchscreen presentations for capturing product information and more than 20 Smart touchscreen digital product catalogues were prepared to carry every product detail and the video. It was prepared using powerpoint and was loaded in the ipads to be deployed onsite for immediate accessibility and experience. The Smart catalogues were also supported by quick QR codes to provide instant access to the downloadable marketing material to the stall visitors.

E-Marketing Collaterals

A lot of e-marketing posters, flyers and brochures were developed to be available for instant download. The promotion of digital expression of the brand was emphasized to minimize the carbon footprints and to support the industry shift to a greener automotive future. This resulted in greater engagement and also an environment-friendly approach being polished.

Overall - A Smart Phygital Experience

As a whole, the Auto Expo booth was a perfect blend of smarter mobility, modern design, Environment sensitivity and tech-enabled solutions. The event enabled the client to experience horizons that were unexplored before and also offered the chance of making their presence felt in the industry.

ANAND Brand Guidelines

Adding Consistency to the Brand ANAND

ANAND Group is an Automotive Ancillary conglomerate, with headquarters in Delhi, India. It manufactures as well as supplies automotive systems and components. The history of ANAND dates back to 1961 with its flagship company, Gabriel set up in collaboration with Maremont Corporation.

ANAND has numerous touchpoints linked to its internal and external arrangements like co-branding, digital, print, stationery, advertisements, product packaging and much more. Due to these applications, their brand identity got used differently by every stakeholder, leaving the consistency of brand identity somewhere behind. To provide uniformity to ANAND, a unified brand guideline & design system was to be developed for 18 group companies with cumulatively more than 6000 employees.

Defining Brand Identity

As their internal branding got distorted due to multiple partners and diversified usage, we started from scratch in benchmarking every aspect including, the angle of inclination for the letters in the logo, coming up with the brand colour swatches, defining the minimum and maximum size limits, infographic-style usage and much more. The logo of the brand evolved over the years so we also defined a brand meaning going with the values of the company.

Standardization Brand Stationary and Touchpoints

The brand of a company revolves around many aspects. With time, several different variants of business cards, letterheads and other strategic stationery elements got developed. Items like notepads had varied logos due to the lack of brand guidelines. We standardized the complete stationery and defined the appropriate colour, size, fabrication material to be used and also, logo proportion concerning the size of the item.


When a brand gets associated with several group companies, government bodies, internal brands, customers the logos are used together as a part of co-branding. This practice results in varied usage of the brand assets. We came up with the group company logo grid along with the co-branding merchandise that included logo-orientation horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for consistent brand usage across the internal and external events, partner meets and announcements.

Streamlining Internal Communication

The abundance of collaterals related to advertisements, brand posters, event certificates, employee lanyards, brand standees, Table podiums, invitation cards, product labels, branding panels are derived regularly displaying the brand identity. We came up with hard precision on every aspect like font size, spacing, texturing, colours, shapes etc. to deliver the much-required, explicit guidelines to the brand.

Photography Guide, Merchandise and Uniform

Endless photographs of the top management, employees, plant setup, operational activities are being clicked, requiring consistency in the language, tone of voice, styling, camera angle, positions and actions of the subject or object into consideration. We developed the guidelines for that and also for the brand merchandise, newsletter, uniform of the employees (to the level of defining colours, accessories, material and made).

Unifying External Touch Points

Once the internal branding got covered, we moved ahead with the external branding that included, bus branding, print ads, podiums, signages etc. Exhibiting a consistent brand language to be implemented all over ANAND has helped the company to communicate uniformly and precisely.



MG Tech Forum 2019

Being the initial interaction of MG with Indian media and the market, we made their tech supremacy stand out, using our expertise of clear representation with every detailing kept intact. MG came out as a benchmark for many automotive companies, being the ever celebrated and awaited Internet car.
The unveil remained bang on throughout and touched the crucial points within a limited period.

Engaging Visuals

A real car experience being inside the presentation hall was startling as never seen before occurrence for the audience. 270-degree content was presented using a virtual windshield and windows on the sides. Contributing to the essence of that instance, the voice-assisted sunroof dynamically transformed the experience.
The head unit content of a virtual sunroof with a real sound of opening and closing was in perfect sync with the other screens and felt like a journey on beautiful terrains.

Immersive Simulations

Providing a seamlessly connected story while exhibiting the tech visualization concept kept the event relevant for MG. Every technological aspect like iCall, eCall, OTA updates, Partners Connectivity, iSmart and much more got demonstrated with process simulations using animations to offer a first-hand experience to the audience.

Life Like Experience

With the 270 degrees representation on multiple screens connected seamlessly, we delivered 300 + slides that included 10 presenters, and the event went on for more than 2 hours. Keeping it all centred at the USPs of MG remained our principal locus and helped MG to earn endless applause in their first-ever Media Interaction in the Indian market.