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No Card is the New Card

A smart payment idea got turned into an industry-leading model

An Identity

The application as well as the physical card required a youth identity correlating with the Z generation and the millennials. Stand-alone service is not sufficient to retain the customers, rewarding benefits make them loyal and a long term affair. We successfully offered millennial augmentation with the currency colours, Lato fonts and everything else to come up with a consistent design language.

Identity Inspired Iconography

Every icon was specifically designed keeping the brand positioning and language in mind. Each aspect like curve, edge, line, proximity, texture has a meaning associated with the brand in place.
The colours, elements, design, pattern of each icon, represents a youthful concept of getting more in less.

A Card that reflects an Urban lifestyle

The physical card represented a subtle money element throughout while offering the charm with a metallic finish and the background representing modernization. The background pattern represents the stack of cards or you may call it a card sky scraper too.

Mapping the User Flow

With the help of advanced technology and smart analysis tools, we captured every part of the user journey in a seamless way to come up with a user friendly and intuitive user flow which is user friendly and also efficient enough to minimize the steps performed by the user.
From the usability search to the heat mapping, every action was performed to come up with the contextual placement and minimalistic yet premium design.
We studied, the profile pages, multiple and single card pages, interactive modules and much more to comprehend the efficient user journey and convert a blueprint into an original Mobile App Screen.

Wallet, Cards, Analytics, Dashboard...

The design remained constant in every aspect of the project including the virtual wallets, physical cards, analytics and dashboard UI, menu buttons and much more for the users which helped them experience the premium comfort of usability.

Whiteboarding to Vibrant Experience

We initiated by putting down our ideas and concepts on the whiteboard during the intense brainstorming and turned it into a working application with a smoother UI and UX, quick navigation, instant gratification model serving their purpose while being user friendly at the priority.

The millennial stuff

Every single aspect represents the youthfulness of our ideas and the offerings of the products, there is nothing displayed on the application or the physical card which is out of context or without our initial concept of being youth and rewardingly simple.

Indian Oil Integrated Report 2020

A Result of Great Team Work

A comprehensive, 450-page document was made within 30 days with 9 team members including Designer, Copywriter, Visualizer, Project Manager, Chartered Accountant, Translator & DTP Operator. With several sleepless nights, this has been a great achievement on its own. Due to the unforeseen circumstances created due to COVId-19, the entire report was developed with seamless coordination & meticulous planning virtually.

Excellence comes with a Challenge

IOCL being a diverse brand has a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from a billionaire to a small farmer, the challenge was to design the report in a way that it addresses all of these stakeholders and make their reading experience simple and smooth.

With our creativity and exceptional understanding of the documentation reporting, we conceptualized a design pattern that spoke about the personalities of every lifestyle while keeping their presence intact in our communication approach.

Dealing with the COVID Complexity

When the country was at a halt while lockdown was imposed across the country, the COVID warriors ensured that every household had a regular gas supply without interruption. Our cover photo design speaks the same language and captures the essence of this year’s circumstances depicting the commitment of the brand.

Skyline view of a mammoth system

IOCL has vast operations diversified into several business domains, and every part of its business had to be cover in a single representation. The same got reflected through our value creation model. The above model captured the whole business process across verticals from input to the output, from the ocean to the kitchen, from the rigs to the roads, from the deserts to the urban landscapes. We were able to encapsulate the same in the single infographic with precision. The skyline view of IOCL is just a minimalistic infographic, which also mapped the SDG goals of the United Nations.

Making the finest financial report

We started with finalizing the complete design system, which involved correct colour pallets, typography, font style, page layouts, navigation sidebar, iconography, illustrative graphics and much more complementing the brand identity of IOCL while keeping the consistency of colour and design intact.

Before even starting to work on the project, we were certain about every design element and its efficient usage to blend with the brand language.

Exemplary creativity and hard work

We encapsulated the brand’s DNA while creating an optimal mix of design, technology, simplicity, consistency in a manner that the brand’s personality came out shining. There are Millions of stakeholders spread across the length and breadth of the country speaking more than six thousand languages, so we translated the whole report into Hindi to derive maximum value from the report and make the content more relevant.
During the project, we were able to devise a distinct concept and implement it in page snippets, which were visually simplified for easy comprehension. The business charts allowed the reader to grasp the information after a single glance making the creative annual report interesting and more reader-friendly.

Efforts like these bring joy to us and our precious clients.





Summit Business Systems is a technology solution provider based in New York that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses leverage outsourced computing to give them a Fortune 500 technology presence.

Project Background

Summit Business Systems approached us with a pre-built sales plan presentation for one of their customers, a leading distributor of financial products and services banks and brokerage firms in United States. The objective was to make the presentation simple, clear and consistent./h6>


It was an 80 slide presentation having multiple edits done recently by different stakeholders, resulting into an average looking aged presentation with the following issues.
  • Use of multiple font families with no guidelines or
    rules in place
  • Extensively heavy presentation due to the embedding of
    multiple font families
  • Problem in delivering training presentation file over
    the mails due to heavy files
  • Use of diverse, unrelated graphics & Images
  • Use of more than 10 shades of blue with no particular
    presence for a single shade
  • Inconsistent slide layouts
There were several pre-defined constraints before starting the work which we had to take care under every circumstances
  • Minimal or no use of graphics
  • Simplistic and easy to read design
  • Delivery of the first presentable draft within 5 days

What we did

We did an in-depth examination of the presentation along the following lines.
  • Purpose of the presentation and the intended audiences’ persona
  • Medium of presentation and use (Projector, Mails, Smart Devices)
  • Brand colors, font and look of the parent brand
  • Analysis of the different color schemes, fonts and elements being used in the presentation
Developed a customized presentation rule guide having
  • Primary and Secondary color palette
  • Permitted font size for text, heading and important information based on medium of usage and readability aspect
  • Permitted font family
Redesigned the complete presentation based on the developed guidelines


We feel special to be able to add value to our client’s organization. The observations and end results of our efforts were manifold.
Organizational efficiency– The presentation guidelines became a standard rule book for designing all the presentations in the company, eliminating the precious hours of employees which were getting wasted in experimentation with design and looking for online references
Brand Building – The similar and standardized look & feel of all the training modules helped in building a strong association and recognition with the brand
Resource optimization – With the use of a single font family, the presentation sizes were reduced significantly(3MB from 17MB earlier) making it easier to share them over the mail and reduced the reliability of paid secure file sharing services significantly
Better Presentations – The presentations looked much better than before by having a completely fresh and modernized look to the decks which stayed untouched for years
Happy audiences – The internal employees and staff who attended the earlier training not only responded positively but also showed higher engagement
More & Repeat business – We were awarded the contract to convert all the existing presentation deck into the modernized one based on the Presentation Rules and Guidelines

Client Testimonial

By Tom Przybylak
“This has been my best presentation design experience so far. I needed to have an 80 slide powerpoint cleaned up and redesigned. I was under a deadline, and needed it done within a few days. INK PPT responded and assured me they would be able to meet my deadline and was qualified for the work. I checked the portfolio and decided to take a chance. Long story short, they did great. They exceeded my expectations, did the work over a weekend, and came in a day before my deadline. They sent constant updates, showed me progress, and asked questions if they had them. I just showed the final presentation to our management team and they were blown away by how professional and great it looked. Very pleased, and already getting ready to send more work their way.”