INK PPT Case Study: AWIGN Proctoring Deck

Identifying the core value proposition for Awign

Awign is an outcome-driven process manager, which gets the work done for brands using the remote workforce at scale. The client was being perceived as a workforce provider, which they were not at large. We developed the complete value creation model highlighting how Awign solves problems for its clients through the workforce, technology platform, process engineering and scalability.

We did the competitive analysis of other Proctoring companies, what they offer and how they are different from Awign. This activity was done to understand the brand better and offer a personalized feel.

Developing a new presentation design system

Apart from the missing value proposition, the presentation design services were non-uniform and outdated which had to be relooked at a whole new level from templating, iconography, layouts, infographics, typography, colour swatching to the visual language.

All the elements were defined from scratch including a beautiful dynamic cover inspired by the brand identity followed by a specified template for Awign that captured the new design philosophy with simplicity.

Planning a creative copywriting & visual narrative

We used a new brand visualization for Awign by re-imagining the content that was shared and gave it a narrative sense. We performed immense brainstorming for creatives to present relevant facts & information while keeping it crisp. We structured the entire content into relevant sub-heads and gave a complete solution-centric model instead of being service driven.

A whole new proctoring solution to offer

The deck was redeveloped to create a whole new experience for all the stakeholders and transformed the way Awign positioned itself in the highly competitive market of virtual proctoring. The deck was well received by the market and led clients to numerous enterprise contracts for proctoring.




Vigyaa means “to know”, is an e-learning interactive digital platform which aims to simplify learning difficult concepts in an uncomplicated, hands-on manner. It comprise of thousands of learning objects on the complex and difficult topics from the school curriculum. Vigyaa will make learning easier for students by providing them all the necessary learning aids accessible using a touchscreen device.

Project Background

Vigyaa is a newly launched concept in the market and the client wanted to explain this product to schools and teachers to capture their feedback to improve it further. In order to explain them in a right way, this Case Study presentation was required to be made high impact.


The client had all the content which they wanted to explain but they were lacking the skills to organize it in a way which can make the product introduction & feedback sessions in schools interesting for both presenters as well as teachers. The presentation was also verbose so the content was also required to be trimmed and written in a better and crisp way to explain the purpose.

What we did

We understood the complete platform functionality from scratch and captured our own cycle and natural process of learning about this tool. We conducted the similar experimental exercise with several other team members to identify how our team was learning about this products and how to structure the complete content to explain the entire product, its purpose, benefits and market requirements in an easy way.
Post that, we trimmed & copyrighted complete content for audience to easily connect with it. Finally, the entire presentation flow was given a creative treatment to make it look attractive & engaging.


We feel special that we worked on such a wonderful assignment.
Engaging Sessions– The sessions were engaging and the presenter was successful in resonating his thoughts among the audience
Brand Building – Every participant considered this platform reputed and professional in terms of its approach and the quality of communication
Better Feedbacks – The teachers and school authorities were successful in providing better feedback and well understood about the product and its benefits.