INK PPT Case Study: Merino CSR Report

The layer of care

Merino Laminates is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates for interiors and has global recognition for being a leader in the laminates and panel industry.
Merino Laminates comprises multiple segments like Healthcare, Education & CSR.
The CSR Sustainability deck was all about showcasing what Merino does for Social welfare.

Getting the mood right

As it was related to social welfare, we looked up for companies that too had a CSR wing and were involved in social welfare activities.
Our focus was on how we can tell the audience about Merino as a company, showcasing their activities' impact on society and what changes those activities made on society as a whole.
We made sure that we present all the required facts about the company, its doings and the impact it made.

Words that defined the sustainability

We initiated the mind-mapping exercise to come up with the relevant keywords that could be used frequently in the report carrying the theme and also the vision of the company. This helped us to make the reporting experience right.

Defining the basics & crafting design routes

We defined fonts, colours, style, icons and created two options for the reports.

The first design option had a modern take on the CSR report. We chose subtle yet unique colours along with the merino brand colours to give the report a modern yet clean look. Playful iconography and Indian pictures were used to complete the design.

The second design option was inspired by the sustainable nature of work that brand merino has been doing socially & environmentally. Usage of Neutral brown paper background and serif typography gave the deck a more trustworthy & elegant feel. Images were also treated in sepia tones to match with the design language of the deck.

The Merino 2019 sustainability report

We came up with 27 unique slides having all the required information about all the activities that Merino did for social and environmental welfare. As this deck was essential for Merino, it was closely monitored & personalized by Merino’s Board of Directors. We used all the brand imagery to make it as personalized as we can.
It was a new learning experience as we got to know each and every detailing of the brand and the initiatives they took for a better society to live in.

INK PPT Case Study: Nissan Magnite Launch


Due to the pandemic and the urge of standing out, brands are trying their hands at unusual tactics as the world has turned virtual. At the same time, a handful of brands are doing things differently while keeping the portrayal modest and simpler.

Nissan came out as one of them, The Global Unveil of Nissan Magnite was happening for the 1st time in India, the stakes remained high throughout. We worked around the product strategy of BIG. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. and delivered a near-live experience for the global virtual audience waiting to see this car go LIVE.

While all the other brands were busy creating virtual gimmicks, 3D flying objects on the screen, Nissan had a very different perspective to advocate the fact that they are BOLD and ready to take on new challenges for their customers and the world will be back to normal soon.

INK PPT perfected more than 100 slides within 15 days that involved the 3 members in total. The small and efficient team worked on synchronizing every slide according to the background audio and speakers' timing. Also, subtle animation kept ongoing simultaneously. Adding to the excellence, the whole rendering got completed in the 4K Video Quality for every slide which later went into post-production to completely stitch the show seamlessly.

A simplistic event turned out to be a grand one and never made the audience realize that they are not even present physically to witness the global unveil in India.






MG Tech Forum 2019

Being the initial interaction of MG with Indian media and the market, we made their tech supremacy stand out, using our expertise of clear representation with every detailing kept intact. MG came out as a benchmark for many automotive companies, being the ever celebrated and awaited Internet car.
The unveil remained bang on throughout and touched the crucial points within a limited period.

Engaging Visuals

A real car experience being inside the presentation hall was startling as never seen before occurrence for the audience. 270-degree content was presented using a virtual windshield and windows on the sides. Contributing to the essence of that instance, the voice-assisted sunroof dynamically transformed the experience.
The head unit content of a virtual sunroof with a real sound of opening and closing was in perfect sync with the other screens and felt like a journey on beautiful terrains.

Immersive Simulations

Providing a seamlessly connected story while exhibiting the tech visualization concept kept the event relevant for MG. Every technological aspect like iCall, eCall, OTA updates, Partners Connectivity, iSmart and much more got demonstrated with process simulations using animations to offer a first-hand experience to the audience.

Life Like Experience

With the 270 degrees representation on multiple screens connected seamlessly, we delivered 300 + slides that included 10 presenters, and the event went on for more than 2 hours. Keeping it all centred at the USPs of MG remained our principal locus and helped MG to earn endless applause in their first-ever Media Interaction in the Indian market.