INK PPT Case Study: Samsung Hospitality

Value at its best

Samsung Hospitality is a subsidiary of Samsung, which provides Business travel management services to Samsung. The idea was to create a presentation, which delivers their core business wrapped in a design language that's intriguing and can be pitched to the audience.
The main idea was to formulate a design language that brings out the essence of their services and offerings. The overall design was inspired by the road topography and map designs were at par with the services they offer. The colour palette for the deck was chosen carefully to give the deck a modern and upmarket look. As the deck would have been shared with specific individuals we assured that the overall flow is self-explanatory simultaneously maintaining its key value proposition.
After in-depth research, development and analysis, we delivered the presentation that was appreciated and applauded even by the higher officials from Samsung Hospitality at the Korean head office.

INK PPT Case Study: Chiratae


INK PPT Case Study: Polycab Case Study Presentation

About Polycab

Polycab is one of India’s leading manufacturers of cables, wires and allied products such as uPVC conduits, lugs and glands. They have a range of cables and wires for practically every application and have recently launched a wide range of consumer electrical products.

Our first project for Polycab Telecom Business was to design their case study presentation that was all about showcasing every crucial fact & figure about the brand along with showcasing the work done by Polycab for the state of Gujarat & Bihar.


Polycab connecting Bharat

We portrayed the essential role played by Polycab in BharatNet Project and how it helped Bihar & Gujarat districts evolve digitally. Bharatnet Project is India’s pride and came up with a motive to power up the districts of Bihar & Gujarat with high-speed broadband having 5G/4G speeds to help education, healthcare, infrastructure services with digital connectivity. Polycab worked as a PIA with BharatNet, connected 2.5 Lakh Gram Panchayats & provided high-speed broadband through optical-fibre cables at very affordable prices.

Designing fibre driven visual template

The presentation was a beautiful blend of images, vectors, line drawings, illustrations & infographics. We followed the brand guidelines thoroughly and used only the brand colours & fonts. By using red, orange, and blue we created numerous beautiful elements for the deck.
We made this deck visually appealing rather than an informative case study. For the brand essence, we kept the fibre-optic cable element to show connectivity.
The deck communicated to the audience what Polycab has done for Gujarat & Bihar so we designed section dividers using images from Gujarat & Bihar along with the fibre-cable elements. The intent behind the project was to showcase all the necessary numbers with a twist of vectors, images, detailed illustrations & line drawings.

Polycab connect smart zindagi ka

It came as a new experience as Polycab is an electrical wires manufacturer company. We showcased every piece of information perfectly without missing out on anything. The creativity was kept intact along with the subtle output of the presentation. We offered numerous design options keeping all the brand colours intact, and the client finalized this particular design.

INK PPT Case Study: Myntra TechThreads

A Result of Great Team Work

A comprehensive, 450-page document was made within 30 days with 9 team members including Designer, Copywriter, Visualizer, Project Manager, Chartered Accountant, Translator & DTP Operator. With several sleepless nights, this has been a great achievement on its own. Due to the unforeseen circumstances created due to COVId-19, the entire report was developed with seamless coordination & meticulous planning virtually.

A virtual event became a success

Due to the pandemic and limitations for hosting a public gathering, Myntra took a decision to host its first-ever Virtual Event. The stakes were high as this was a special event limited only to the partners of Myntra and delivering a pitch-perfect presentation was absolutely imperative.

Experiencing delight

INK PPT in collaboration with the virtual stage design team worked day and night, leaving no stone unturned to perfect every single detail, synchronizing every slide according to the background audio and speakers' timing. We designed 3 decks for the key event while integrating Myntra’s brand essence with the touch of technology. The whole presentation was rendered in 4k which was later integrated into the virtual screen seamlessly.

Likewise the previous year, despite new experimentation of going virtual, the event turned out to be a huge success.

INK PPT Case Study: Quantum Consultancy

About quantum consultancy

Quantum consultancy is a UK based consultancy firm offering data-driven consulting solutions to create strategies and evaluate existing products in the Sport and Events industries
The client approached us for the creation of a report for rights holders, destinations, agencies and other industry stakeholders with a review of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, most notably on the sporting calendar throughout the year 2020 and future flagship events.

Inspirational design

The report had to be smartly designed capturing all the data points giving it a modern look and feel. The design language was inspired by sports as the core business of the client was focused on sports. The report was infused by high-resolution sports images with gradient effect and beautifully designed pie charts and bar graphs that gave the report an engaging factor.

Excellence in delivery

All the elements used in the report had been designed from scratch, including the dynamic section dividers maintaining the brand identity overall, simultaneously applying a new design philosophy and capturing the essence of the information the client to convey to the audiences. This was our 1st project with Quantum Consultancy but surely not the last as the client was really impressed with our work and the quality delivered and promised in engaging a long term business relationship with INK PPT simultaneously returning with further projects in the future.

Client’s Testimonial

“We’re very pleased with the output delivered by InkPPT and will be returning with further projects in the future. The team was very accommodating to our needs and really captured the essence of the information we wanted to convey to our audiences. A pleasure to work with.”
Colin Stewart, Co-Founder & Director, Quantum Consultancy


Industry-specific solutions

Service Master Clean is a leading provider of quality integrated Facility Management and was looking for industry specialized B2B solutions. With the surge of COVID-19 and the reopening of corporates, hospitals and public spaces, there was a major concern related to indoor air quality. SMC had to cater to the opportunity and wanted us to develop a presentation for the HVAC UV Air Sterilization Solution.

The design language and graphics

To showcase industry-specific solutions, we created customized animated isometric infographics, showcasing their product offerings and highlighting different solutions across the client business environment. Custom animated infographics were made while showcasing the working mechanism after installation of UV lights in HVAC and illustrating the overall disinfection procedure.

Branding uniformity & consistency

While designing the deck, we assured that the essence of the brand identity is intact in the overall deck with the use of a subtle colour scheme and complementing fonts.

A project well developed & appreciated

Due to the deck being quite technical, we took the assistance of a subject matter specialist who helped us better understand the gist of the complete virus and bacterial membrane wall disruption mechanism. This greatly helped us in developing a clear design and delivering a pitch-perfect deck to the client, which in turn helped them well in the conversion of sales.

INK PPT Case Study: AWIGN Proctoring Deck

Identifying the core value proposition for Awign

Awign is an outcome-driven process manager, which gets the work done for brands using the remote workforce at scale. The client was being perceived as a workforce provider, which they were not at large. We developed the complete value creation model highlighting how Awign solves problems for its clients through the workforce, technology platform, process engineering and scalability.

We did the competitive analysis of other Proctoring companies, what they offer and how they are different from Awign. This activity was done to understand the brand better and offer a personalized feel.

Developing a new presentation design system

Apart from the missing value proposition, the presentation design services were non-uniform and outdated which had to be relooked at a whole new level from templating, iconography, layouts, infographics, typography, colour swatching to the visual language.

All the elements were defined from scratch including a beautiful dynamic cover inspired by the brand identity followed by a specified template for Awign that captured the new design philosophy with simplicity.

Planning a creative copywriting & visual narrative

We used a new brand visualization for Awign by re-imagining the content that was shared and gave it a narrative sense. We performed immense brainstorming for creatives to present relevant facts & information while keeping it crisp. We structured the entire content into relevant sub-heads and gave a complete solution-centric model instead of being service driven.

A whole new proctoring solution to offer

The deck was redeveloped to create a whole new experience for all the stakeholders and transformed the way Awign positioned itself in the highly competitive market of virtual proctoring. The deck was well received by the market and led clients to numerous enterprise contracts for proctoring.

INK PPT Case Study: SIS Specialized Solutions

Strengthening industry-specific solutions

SIS was looking to develop industry specialized B2B solutions covering services for security, facility management, workforce, housekeeping, pest control and building management services for 7 unique industry verticals including Healthcare, Commercial Spaces, Manufacturing, Residential & Township, Education, Data Centre and Pharma.

Customized graphics & design philosophy

In order to showcase industry-specific solutions centricity, we created customized infographic rich designs inspired by the industry of security. We created illustrative isometric graphics highlighting different solutions across the client business environment.

Weaving information together with a navigation system

Since there were multiple specific solutions being offered for each vertical, the information was difficult to comprehend & causing confusion. To resolve this, We segregated the solution into multiple buckets and created a smart information navigation system, showing the connection between all the slides. We used this navigation in such a way that it worked as a section divider for all the respective slides. In this navigation bar, we used relevant icons to simplify visual communication.

Assured branding uniformity & consistency

Throughout this project, we made sure that all the decks have a particular consistency, which remains the same for all of the industries while keeping all group brand guidelines in sync. We only used brand colours & fonts throughout and tried to use almost all the brand images in their respective solutions.

A project well developed & appreciated

Overall 7 decks for different industries were developed, comprising 200+ slides in a short span of 15 days. It was a roller coaster ride as we had limited time and a lot to discover, dissect, develop, design & deliver. The solutions were very well received and highly appreciated by the client. The sales team found them helpful and resulted in better conversion by demonstrating industry expertise.


About JKT

JKT is the technology arm of the JK organization. It is the IT transformation solution provider and established across the globe for enabling technology centred transformation solutions. They combine technology expertise, value-driven services and business intelligence ensuring continuous success for clients.
Their solutions are designed to equip your business with a competitive edge. JKT specializes in delivering customized solutions that use sustaining and next-generation disruptive technologies to ensure the business stays one step ahead of the competition.

Transforming marketing communication

JKT came as a market player being lacking behind the world when it came to marketing communication, they required a refreshed communication strategy for ramping up their global endeavours and future plans of expansion. A new CEO took charge and wanted to transform the organization with an inside-out approach and a new strategy. He insisted on breaking conventional methods and giving tough competition to the giants like Infosys, TCS, Accenture and others.

Setting stage for the new CEO

With the entry of a new CEO in the company, their vision changed and the way of operating and communicating with the outer world was also on the stage of transformation. We also developed a CEO presentation that comprised of his values and strategy to be communicated to the board member and the employees working for the company and about this strategy to bring about the required shift in the organizational thinking. The presentation has a strong visual narrative, smart copywriting and a newer direction as suggested by him.

Adding life to business proposals

IT proposals are generally boring, long and never come with the experience for the evaluators. JKT has a vast set of services and multi-country diverse sales teams. So, standardizing the proposals was becoming a challenge and the lifecycle of developing a new proposal was fairly long from 2 weeks to 2 months. We came up with segment-specific proposal frameworks and designs being easily customizable, offering many exceptional usability features. Our framework offered them efficiency in proposal making and the visuals came out to be smart, novel, and young in every aspect. The new proposal template not only helped them streamline the proposals but also reduced the development time to just 3 days from lead to a proposal. All the standard elements like solutions, capabilities, teams, org structure were standardized and made modular in structure for better re-usability.

Revamping corporate communication

JKT’s corporate communication required a revamp of communication collaterals for smarter media & industry engagement and association with numerous stakeholders. We made many marketing collaterals for them, pertaining to the new identity and the direction of the organization. Every design element was aligned with the companies values and depicted a recognizable proposition of the organization.

Business solutions reimagined

There was a requirement for segment-specific solutions and collaterals were to be designed around the same. We made many such collaterals along with videos for JKT Robotic Process Automation. Compatibility flyers were also developed for different solutions like SAP, PEGA, Automated testing and several others.

Igniting print media

As part of our 360 Degree solution, Along with the digital mediums, we also developed communication collaterals for the print. The company required communication in several industry forums, with demonstrations along with the advertisements. We provided the same while keeping the refreshed communication strategy intact that made the industries aware of the positive change in the organization.

INK PPT Case Study: ANAND Auto Expo

Driving Nextgen Mobility

ANAND decided to participate in the Auto Expo event and required a fresh theme, a different narrative that falls in line with their future commitment to safer products, the rise of e-mobility, industrial shift to BS6 vehicles and competitiveness in the market.

Developing the theme

INK PPT developed 10+ themes for ANAND Auto Expo 2020 which aligns with their core philosophy and helps them set apart amongst the automotive component supplier ecosystem. These themes were centred on the values of the company and also towards the Auto Expo 2020. Developing numerous themes opened many narratives in terms of design exploration for the client.

Rolling out Visuals

A stall visual language was created by us and also the poster creatives for every other wall and the zones for the event. Other than this, we also cracked the visual concepts for engagement zones. As we developed the themes for ANAND, an e-invite was conceptualized and made from scratch for inviting the visitors to the stall.

Smart Touchscreen Catalogs

We created multiple touchscreen presentations for capturing product information and more than 20 Smart touchscreen digital product catalogues were prepared to carry every product detail and the video. It was prepared using powerpoint and was loaded in the ipads to be deployed onsite for immediate accessibility and experience. The Smart catalogues were also supported by quick QR codes to provide instant access to the downloadable marketing material to the stall visitors.

E-Marketing Collaterals

A lot of e-marketing posters, flyers and brochures were developed to be available for instant download. The promotion of digital expression of the brand was emphasized to minimize the carbon footprints and to support the industry shift to a greener automotive future. This resulted in greater engagement and also an environment-friendly approach being polished.

Overall - A Smart Phygital Experience

As a whole, the Auto Expo booth was a perfect blend of smarter mobility, modern design, Environment sensitivity and tech-enabled solutions. The event enabled the client to experience horizons that were unexplored before and also offered the chance of making their presence felt in the industry.