INK PPT Case Study: ITC Interrobang Season 10

Redefining the hiring experience

Interrobang is a special punctuation mark that combines the question mark (?) and the exclamation point (!) to come up with the interrogative exclamation. The name promotes students to ask more rational questions and add human values by being thoughtful.
Interrobang is a one of its kind campus recruitment program that gave a distinct identity of its own to ITC on campuses. Going with a similar notion, Interrobang season 10 was launched.

Developing identity and campaign creatives

Due to the widespread pandemic, Interrobang Season-10 was conducted virtually without visiting any of the campuses. This change transformed the complete experience and the requirements of the event.
We started with developing the identity of season 10 and delivered multiple themes, brand language, visual narrative and many other items at the initial stage. We came up with the name of 10+ event activities and developed their brand identities around the values of the brand ITC and the event Interrobang.

Ideation challenge & masterclass of Interrobang season 10

Students were asked to come up with innovative ideas that could bring sustainable change in the community & the environment. For the purpose of grooming the students, numerous masterclasses were organized by the industry experts on virtual platforms. We prepared the promotion creatives, brochures, event creatives, background images and much more for making the events lively and exciting.

Social media interaction

As the event was being conducted virtually, we handled end to end social media engagement for ITC and came up with tremendous results for the team. It involved more than 8 team members continuously working to perfect the virtual on-goings, many experiential videos, exciting creatives, a novel event, attracting engagement were proposed and executed by the team INK PPT. On similar lines, creatives for virtual events like, Interropreneur, Interroquiz, Interrofacts were developed by us and also shared on social media.

Sensational Finale

The whole Interrobang Season 10 was concluded with more than 300 unique creatives being delivered, approved and shared with the audience over social media, virtual event, emailers and microsite. Along with the creatives of the finale, we also developed the designs for certificates, gift vouchers and many such creatives for the students to be rewarded.
The finale was a great success along with the whole event conducted virtually. The event was well appreciated by ITC, students and also the colleges participating in the same.

INK PPT: E-Learning Tutorials

Magical Animations with PowerPoint for E-Learning

There is a lot a PowerPoint application could do for making the custom elearning content development platforms Stunning animations are made within minutes could be great for e-learning modules. WIth correct sequencing of content concept mapping could be optimized. We developed many beautiful and useful videos using this tool and came up with some phenomenal results.

Camping in the night

An easy to use and implement video of camping could be implemented using powerpoint. This could be used for your video narrating a story or any other interesting part of your journey.

COVID Tracker

The below tracker is for COVID and the same could be implemented for several other surveys or data points. This type of data visualization helps in catching the required attention thus comes up with the desired results


In India, harvesting is termed as one of the most prominent professions and the products related to the same are also available in abundance. This video or one of a similar kind could be utilized for numerous purposes where a harvesting scenario is to be portrayed.

Manufacturing Automation

Automation has picked up the pace in every sector including manufacturing, this gives us an opportunity to explore this space and come up with solutions to fast forward the processes. The below animation could be of use if implemented for an explainer video.

Business Insights

For any business, it is very crucial to understand the past happenings and plan the forthcoming on the basis of the same. This video of this type could be useful in doing the same and making the employees comprehend with ease.

City Ecosysytem

A city is full of people, buildings, industries, markets and several other elements. If you are display the happening of city, a video like this could be handy.

Travel around the World

A travel enthusiast loves to explore the world and know about the significance of territories around the world. This video captures the famous spots through PowerPoint animation in an elegant way.


More than a hobby, now gardening has become flourishing profession for many. This video could be used for explaining the processes, significance, and several other elements in a beautiful manner.


Healthcare facilities are a different place to be. It is a place of healing that offers tranquillity in several ways. The video captures the essence in a subtle way to be used for numerous distinct purposes.

Organic Farming

The health concerns are mounting every coming day and people are being attracted towards the organic aspect of their lives. The video covers the growth of organic food in a simplistic manner.


This particular season is loved by many across the globe due to the cold breezes and also due to the festive season of winters. The video captured that essence to be used in a beautiful way.

Financial Markets

Financial markets have an abundance of information to be utilized for numerous purposes. The customization options allow us to make the required changes in the layout for increasing efficiency. The video is successful in capturing that aspect.


Every event has an identity of its own. The same identity is carried forward to gain the popularity and loyalty of the audience. The event animation is made in PowerPoint with ease and could be used by many for several purposes.

Autonomous Vehicles

With the growing technology, the trends are changing and people are trusting autonomous vehicles more than ever. This is the tech of the future that is going to shape the whole Automobile industry and turns the tides in the favour of advancements. The video is a representation of a similar aspect to be utilized for making explainer videos and demonstrations.

INK PPT Case Study: Virtual COVID Marshall

About Virtual COVID Marshall

Virtual Covid Marshall, a solution from the SIS group is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-based Covid compliance monitoring system to detect the adherence to all the norms in the area it is being implemented.

Our Process of Conceptualization

The client approached us with only a concept at hand and was looking for a partner for a faster turnaround to develop the brand strategy, identity, design system, brand language, marketing collaterals for enabling the sales team and digital launch of the solution.

We went to the Drawing board

Our ideation experts penned down the core competencies, USP of the product and prepared a value creation model for the positioning of Virtual COVID Marshall.

What all went inside?

Every single element was prepared from scratch which included the communication roadmap for marketing, PR, Sales enablement, email marketing, one-to-one model and Social media.

The Perfect Identity

We created multiple identity options that can reflect the solution offering, COVID, aspect of compliance in the minimalistic form and proposed multiple options for the client to select one. Further, we conceptualized the comprehensive brand identity and language, and then we implemented the same in preparing the marketing assets.

Enabling Sales & Marketing Teams

We developed a comprehensive sales and marketing docket to train the internal team & customers on the solution, features, product journey, its benefits and reason to believe. The sales and marketing presentation helped the team in building the interest of the potential customers much before the official launch was announced.

Igniting Digital Touchpoints

Finally, we created multiple variants of short films, website infographics, Animated GIFs and newsletters to enable the seamless digital communication of the solution to the world.

Creating Experience with Motion Graphics

We went a step ahead & developed the engaging solution video in a span of just 1 week explaining the complete solution, installation, interface explanation and applications.

Making Experience that counts

The client not only found the entire solution worthy but also did a significant amount of active conversions within the first week of the launch of our solution. We take pride in being a part of this creation with a holistic approach.

INK PPT Case Study: Nissan Magnite Launch


Due to the pandemic and the urge of standing out, brands are trying their hands at unusual tactics as the world has turned virtual. At the same time, a handful of brands are doing things differently while keeping the portrayal modest and simpler.

Nissan came out as one of them, The Global Unveil of Nissan Magnite was happening for the 1st time in India, the stakes remained high throughout. We worked around the product strategy of BIG. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. and delivered a near-live experience for the global virtual audience waiting to see this car go LIVE.

While all the other brands were busy creating virtual gimmicks, 3D flying objects on the screen, Nissan had a very different perspective to advocate the fact that they are BOLD and ready to take on new challenges for their customers and the world will be back to normal soon.

INK PPT perfected more than 100 slides within 15 days that involved the 3 members in total. The small and efficient team worked on synchronizing every slide according to the background audio and speakers' timing. Also, subtle animation kept ongoing simultaneously. Adding to the excellence, the whole rendering got completed in the 4K Video Quality for every slide which later went into post-production to completely stitch the show seamlessly.

A simplistic event turned out to be a grand one and never made the audience realize that they are not even present physically to witness the global unveil in India.

INK PPT Case Study: ANAND Auto Expo

Driving Nextgen Mobility

ANAND decided to participate in the Auto Expo event and required a fresh theme, a different narrative that falls in line with their future commitment to safer products, the rise of e-mobility, industrial shift to BS6 vehicles and competitiveness in the market.

Developing the theme

INK PPT developed 10+ themes for ANAND Auto Expo 2020 which aligns with their core philosophy and helps them set apart amongst the automotive component supplier ecosystem. These themes were centred on the values of the company and also towards the Auto Expo 2020. Developing numerous themes opened many narratives in terms of design exploration for the client.

Rolling out Visuals

A stall visual language was created by us and also the poster creatives for every other wall and the zones for the event. Other than this, we also cracked the visual concepts for engagement zones. As we developed the themes for ANAND, an e-invite was conceptualized and made from scratch for inviting the visitors to the stall.

Smart Touchscreen Catalogs

We created multiple touchscreen presentations for capturing product information and more than 20 Smart touchscreen digital product catalogues were prepared to carry every product detail and the video. It was prepared using powerpoint and was loaded in the ipads to be deployed onsite for immediate accessibility and experience. The Smart catalogues were also supported by quick QR codes to provide instant access to the downloadable marketing material to the stall visitors.

E-Marketing Collaterals

A lot of e-marketing posters, flyers and brochures were developed to be available for instant download. The promotion of digital expression of the brand was emphasized to minimize the carbon footprints and to support the industry shift to a greener automotive future. This resulted in greater engagement and also an environment-friendly approach being polished.

Overall - A Smart Phygital Experience

As a whole, the Auto Expo booth was a perfect blend of smarter mobility, modern design, Environment sensitivity and tech-enabled solutions. The event enabled the client to experience horizons that were unexplored before and also offered the chance of making their presence felt in the industry.

My Card

No Card is the New Card

A smart payment idea got turned into an industry-leading model

An Identity

The application as well as the physical card required a youth identity correlating with the Z generation and the millennials. Stand-alone service is not sufficient to retain the customers, rewarding benefits make them loyal and a long term affair. We successfully offered millennial augmentation with the currency colours, Lato fonts and everything else to come up with a consistent design language.

Identity Inspired Iconography

Every icon was specifically designed keeping the brand positioning and language in mind. Each aspect like curve, edge, line, proximity, texture has a meaning associated with the brand in place.
The colours, elements, design, pattern of each icon, represents a youthful concept of getting more in less.

A Card that reflects an Urban lifestyle

The physical card represented a subtle money element throughout while offering the charm with a metallic finish and the background representing modernization. The background pattern represents the stack of cards or you may call it a card sky scraper too.

Mapping the User Flow

With the help of advanced technology and smart analysis tools, we captured every part of the user journey in a seamless way to come up with a user friendly and intuitive user flow which is user friendly and also efficient enough to minimize the steps performed by the user.
From the usability search to the heat mapping, every action was performed to come up with the contextual placement and minimalistic yet premium design.
We studied, the profile pages, multiple and single card pages, interactive modules and much more to comprehend the efficient user journey and convert a blueprint into an original Mobile App Screen.

Wallet, Cards, Analytics, Dashboard...

The design remained constant in every aspect of the project including the virtual wallets, physical cards, analytics and dashboard UI, menu buttons and much more for the users which helped them experience the premium comfort of usability.

Whiteboarding to Vibrant Experience

We initiated by putting down our ideas and concepts on the whiteboard during the intense brainstorming and turned it into a working application with a smoother UI and UX, quick navigation, instant gratification model serving their purpose while being user friendly at the priority.

The millennial stuff

Every single aspect represents the youthfulness of our ideas and the offerings of the products, there is nothing displayed on the application or the physical card which is out of context or without our initial concept of being youth and rewardingly simple.




Powering the World of Good

Goodera is the world's leading technology platform for CSR, Volunteering, & Sustainability. Goodera's products simplify and enhance your employee engagement programs, track global social impact, and improve your ESG performance.

Sustainable Branding & Design

Goodera came as an opportunity to stretch the horizons and extend them a complete strategic solution comprising result-oriented branding, efficient communication and a consistent design language as a whole package.

Multi-Country Website

Every country has a different demographic and hence the target audience, due to the same reason, the positioning also gets modified, but the core component of the branding objective remains the same throughout. We developed a multi-nation content strategy while keeping the design consistent but adjusting it thoughtfully, looking at the audience. We achieved consistent customization after extensive research related to ethnicity and also the competitors of numerous nations. The entire website was developed on WordPress and had 50+ pages with engaging feature modules while having responsive behaviour for 3 device screen sizes.

Decks for Marketing & Sales

It becomes crucial to align the sales & marketing team with the decisions and strategy of the top brass of the company. We simplified the representation of their entire business while defining a verbal narrative to minimize the communication complexity with simple and overarching representation.
We developed decks for the team, keeping the objectives intact and also delivered the essence of the company along with the material information for the clients.

Social Impact Stories

Clients and the services provided work as the trophies for a services company like Goodera. When they trusted us with communication strategy, we were spot on to convey their best work to build more trust and establish their position ahead of their competitors. These studies captured the overall benefits and the solutions Goodera deployed over a while.
Again, our design strategy spoke articulately about the values of the company and made the case studies narrate on their own.

Employee Engagement

Mapping an entire journey of the employee life cycle becomes crucial. We started with tapping on the emotional moments of the employee and captured those with a digital solution to keep the employees connected with the brand Goodera.
We came up with a vibrant and dynamic design strategy to create employee engagement collaterals being cherishing and shedding a positive vibe. These designs were developed for numerous distinct occasions while throwing more colours in for creating a festive impression.

Spreading the Goodness

A complete office branding solution got delivered within a limited time. There was a confident marketing team as numerous brand touchpoints got identified, activated and improvised during the journey. This helped in creating a deeper brand experience for multiple stakeholders while creating a positive connection with society.