INK PPT Case Study: Merino CSR Report

The layer of care

Merino Laminates is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates for interiors and has global recognition for being a leader in the laminates and panel industry.
Merino Laminates comprises multiple segments like Healthcare, Education & CSR.
The CSR Sustainability deck was all about showcasing what Merino does for Social welfare.

Getting the mood right

As it was related to social welfare, we looked up for companies that too had a CSR wing and were involved in social welfare activities.
Our focus was on how we can tell the audience about Merino as a company, showcasing their activities' impact on society and what changes those activities made on society as a whole.
We made sure that we present all the required facts about the company, its doings and the impact it made.

Words that defined the sustainability

We initiated the mind-mapping exercise to come up with the relevant keywords that could be used frequently in the report carrying the theme and also the vision of the company. This helped us to make the reporting experience right.

Defining the basics & crafting design routes

We defined fonts, colours, style, icons and created two options for the reports.

The first design option had a modern take on the CSR report. We chose subtle yet unique colours along with the merino brand colours to give the report a modern yet clean look. Playful iconography and Indian pictures were used to complete the design.

The second design option was inspired by the sustainable nature of work that brand merino has been doing socially & environmentally. Usage of Neutral brown paper background and serif typography gave the deck a more trustworthy & elegant feel. Images were also treated in sepia tones to match with the design language of the deck.

The Merino 2019 sustainability report

We came up with 27 unique slides having all the required information about all the activities that Merino did for social and environmental welfare. As this deck was essential for Merino, it was closely monitored & personalized by Merino’s Board of Directors. We used all the brand imagery to make it as personalized as we can.
It was a new learning experience as we got to know each and every detailing of the brand and the initiatives they took for a better society to live in.






SKV helps top global organizations in realizing their dreams for providing a perfect & positive working environment to their employees. SKV is a premier business interior company in India providing services around Design & Build, General Contracting, Construction Management and Refurbishments of corporate working environments.

Project Background

SKV approached us for developing a short and precise presentation which can demonstrate the execution capabilities of SKV and highlight the standardized working methodologies they follow in business interior projects.


SKV has been serving for more than 7 years now but they have struggled to communicate their holistic approach, capability to deliver and the depth of their business solutions to the client. The existing communication collaterals were incomplete, unprofessional and does not demonstrate the depth of the organization.

What we did

We spent a week understanding the dynamics of this industry and the role of business interior companies in building a positive workspace environment. Post that we suggested our client to conduct a personalized shoot to demonstrate the depth of how they work and follow the industry best practices for delivering excellent results.
The photoshoot was then used to create a convincing, graphically rich presentation which talked about why SKV stands differentiated viz-a-viz its competitors and how their unique principles inspire them to work everyday.


The results were profound and helped SKV win over the confidence of several business prospects & leads.
Better Business Conversions– Our solution helped SKV demonstrate their strengths to various business prospects which helped them in better conversions and more business
Brand Building – There was a slow transformation in the perception of existing and new customers about SKV’s brand. They noticed and appreciated the professional communication approach adopted by SKV.
Business Optimization – A video version of the Business Idea Presentation was used to share with the clients and helped SKV reduce their business development life cycle and their resource investment in explaining their prospects about their brand



With a prestigious background of tea gardens and steel business in Assam, GATIK group was set up 11 years back and has delivered around a million square feet of residential developments in posh areas of Delhi and Gurgaon providing homes to thousands of families with excellent construction quality and timely possession. The group is an emerging name in the large projects for real estate and construction industry.

Project Background

Gatik Group is coming with premium farm villas project, Eden Gardens, in the region of Bhiwadi to provide quality living to the elite workforce who wish to move out from the cobwebs of Delhi and Gurgaon for a peaceful living experience.


They were looking for a communication solution to enable their sales team to educate the potential buyers about the emerging problems being faced in Delhi and Gurgaon region and how Bhiwadi can be a good investment and peaceful living destination for the near future. The communication solution was need to be designed in such a way that it becomes easier for the sales professional to remember the benefits on their finger tips.

What we did

We created a complete story starting with the challenges being faced in Delhi & Gurgaon and explaining about the upcoming developmental hubs in the NCR region. Moving on, we positioned & demonstrated Bhiwadi’s strength and future potential.
To Make the sales plan presentation memorable, we devised a creative communication strategy of demonstrating the benefits & development of Bhiwadi in the form of an abbreviation where every letter of the word BHIWADI highlighted a specific aspect of the city.


We feel special to be able to add value to our client’s organization. The observations and end results of our efforts were manifold.
Sales Team efficiency–The entire sales team were taught only once and they were able to completely understand and remember the benefits on their finger tips
Brand Building–The similar and standardized look & feel of the entire deck helped in building a strong association and recognition with the brand
Better Presentations–The presentations looked much better than before by having a completely fresh and modernized look to the decks which stayed untouched for years