Industry-specific solutions

Service Master Clean is a leading provider of quality integrated Facility Management and was looking for industry specialized B2B solutions. With the surge of COVID-19 and the reopening of corporates, hospitals and public spaces, there was a major concern related to indoor air quality. SMC had to cater to the opportunity and wanted us to develop a presentation for the HVAC UV Air Sterilization Solution.

The design language and graphics

To showcase industry-specific solutions, we created customized animated isometric infographics, showcasing their product offerings and highlighting different solutions across the client business environment. Custom animated infographics were made while showcasing the working mechanism after installation of UV lights in HVAC and illustrating the overall disinfection procedure.

Branding uniformity & consistency

While designing the deck, we assured that the essence of the brand identity is intact in the overall deck with the use of a subtle colour scheme and complementing fonts.

A project well developed & appreciated

Due to the deck being quite technical, we took the assistance of a subject matter specialist who helped us better understand the gist of the complete virus and bacterial membrane wall disruption mechanism. This greatly helped us in developing a clear design and delivering a pitch-perfect deck to the client, which in turn helped them well in the conversion of sales.

INK PPT Case Study: SIS Specialized Solutions

Strengthening industry-specific solutions

SIS was looking to develop industry specialized B2B solutions covering services for security, facility management, workforce, housekeeping, pest control and building management services for 7 unique industry verticals including Healthcare, Commercial Spaces, Manufacturing, Residential & Township, Education, Data Centre and Pharma.

Customized graphics & design philosophy

In order to showcase industry-specific solutions centricity, we created customized infographic rich designs inspired by the industry of security. We created illustrative isometric graphics highlighting different solutions across the client business environment.

Weaving information together with a navigation system

Since there were multiple specific solutions being offered for each vertical, the information was difficult to comprehend & causing confusion. To resolve this, We segregated the solution into multiple buckets and created a smart information navigation system, showing the connection between all the slides. We used this navigation in such a way that it worked as a section divider for all the respective slides. In this navigation bar, we used relevant icons to simplify visual communication.

Assured branding uniformity & consistency

Throughout this project, we made sure that all the decks have a particular consistency, which remains the same for all of the industries while keeping all group brand guidelines in sync. We only used brand colours & fonts throughout and tried to use almost all the brand images in their respective solutions.

A project well developed & appreciated

Overall 7 decks for different industries were developed, comprising 200+ slides in a short span of 15 days. It was a roller coaster ride as we had limited time and a lot to discover, dissect, develop, design & deliver. The solutions were very well received and highly appreciated by the client. The sales team found them helpful and resulted in better conversion by demonstrating industry expertise.

INK PPT Case Study: Virtual COVID Marshall

About Virtual COVID Marshall

Virtual Covid Marshall, a solution from the SIS group is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-based Covid compliance monitoring system to detect the adherence to all the norms in the area it is being implemented.

Our Process of Conceptualization

The client approached us with only a concept at hand and was looking for a partner for a faster turnaround to develop the brand strategy, identity, design system, brand language, marketing collaterals for enabling the sales team and digital launch of the solution.

We went to the Drawing board

Our ideation experts penned down the core competencies, USP of the product and prepared a value creation model for the positioning of Virtual COVID Marshall.

What all went inside?

Every single element was prepared from scratch which included the communication roadmap for marketing, PR, Sales enablement, email marketing, one-to-one model and Social media.

The Perfect Identity

We created multiple identity options that can reflect the solution offering, COVID, aspect of compliance in the minimalistic form and proposed multiple options for the client to select one. Further, we conceptualized the comprehensive brand identity and language, and then we implemented the same in preparing the marketing assets.

Enabling Sales & Marketing Teams

We developed a comprehensive sales and marketing docket to train the internal team & customers on the solution, features, product journey, its benefits and reason to believe. The sales and marketing presentation helped the team in building the interest of the potential customers much before the official launch was announced.

Igniting Digital Touchpoints

Finally, we created multiple variants of short films, website infographics, Animated GIFs and newsletters to enable the seamless digital communication of the solution to the world.

Creating Experience with Motion Graphics

We went a step ahead & developed the engaging solution video in a span of just 1 week explaining the complete solution, installation, interface explanation and applications.

Making Experience that counts

The client not only found the entire solution worthy but also did a significant amount of active conversions within the first week of the launch of our solution. We take pride in being a part of this creation with a holistic approach.