Refund Policy

For Professional or Technical Services

Renure Creations Private Limited(Agency) warrants that for seven (7) days after the performance of Professional Services for customers(a.k.a Client/clients) provided under a statement of work, such Professional or Technical Services were performed in a proper and professional manner consistent with industry standards.

What is Covered in refund

Only the part of or the full advance paid by the customer towards the project into consideration basis the mutual agreement with the customer. Customer needs to provide the written justification and explanation to form the rightful case which can be considered for processing a refund.

If agency/customer decides to terminate any ongoing project due to some disputes, working situations or quality dis-satisfaction, the refund amount will only be decided post a dispute management discussion with the customer.

What is not Covered in refund

  1. Any cost incurred by the agency for procuring additional assets including hardware, software, stock assets, sampling charges, production charges, lost and damaged goods, market surveys, 3rd party service fees like illustration, consulting, advisory, video editing, translation, hosting etc will not be refunded
  2. Any expenses made by the client during the tenure of the service towards the agency like flight tickets for onsite travel, hotel booking, internet, local movement charges, etc will not be refunded
  3. Client’s man-hour cost of engagement in the relationship will not be covered nor refunded
  4. Agency is not liable to pay any additional interest of the deposited advance in case of delays in arriving at a final consensus for the refund with the client
  5. The agency is not liable to cover any legal, consultation or litigation fee for the client which client might have incurred to settle the dispute with the agency
  6. If there has been a significant delay of more than 3 weeks in response from the client’s end which is causing a delay in the service delivery and affecting quality, agency is not liable for any refunds in those scenarios
  7. Changes in briefs may lead to additional cost and any project termination due to that won’t quality for a refund

Changes to payment and refund policy

We reserve the right to change this payment, refunds policy terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website.

Refund Policy