Think outside

A lot happens before the actual event starts and also at the time when people start to arrive or depart from the venue. This zone is usually regarded as a Networking Area or breakout area where brands create mini experiences for attendees to experience the solutions they have to offer. We not only optimize the event content for you but also the breakout areas to keep your audience engaged.



We often create engaging interactive and audiovisual solutions for business conferences to help you engage the audience in a better way. Breakout zones are a natural extension of your event and offer a great platform for marking.


Implementing the breakout experience will make you wonder about the possibilities you have missed. The screens outside the event could be used for promotional purposes, display of the new product/service or welcoming the guest in a creative manner or bring them live engagement.

Solutions that spark conversations

Breakout Experience lets you explore the possibilities which were left unattended before. We have delivered the same to endless clients and their return on investment was huge.

Our experience will help you remodel your event and come out impressing every stakeholder associated with you.