Smarter Way

Learning the traditional way of physical classroom or being hooked to the laptop is not defining the future. The future is defined by innovative ways of learning and learning on the go, hence we developed Holdonz which is a smart learning initiative from INK PPT.


Informing in a fun way

We help you create gamified learning solutions using board games, playing cards, digital games and many other smart ways of learning, in which we design your information into a structured methodology of games or playing cards to help your employees with the leisure of learning and having fun. The games are customized according to the specific information of your brand and blended into the gaming environment.

Learning gamified

The Holdonz would redefine the way knowledge is perceived. It would be a playful experience for every employee which would let them learn without feeling burdened.

The gamification of learning is a proven technique and we will help you deliver the same with immense creativity.

The credible approach

We have a team of game designers, interaction designers, and conceptualizers to help create a perfect blended learning environment, that is collaborative and also has fun embedded in the learning modules.