Business Support

Professional presentations for your business.

Business Support for Presentation Design

Our business support team helps small and large businesses by offloading all of their presentation related work to our skilled professionals who can closely work with the consultants and managers of your organization, leaving them with enough time to focus on their strategic business activities. Our support teams can translate hand sketched graphs, charts and content into visually compelling creatives which can be provided back to the consultants for their use.
Our business support services are operated on hourly basis and we maintain complete confidentiality and timely backups of the customer information at all times. Our Presentation design experts work in close proximity with the leading consultants & managers to provide one to one direct service unlike any other general support services.
To ensure the quality delivery of presentations, our presentation design experts are trained on clients’ specific requirements, branding guidelines, color palette, font requirements and other important considerations to ensure least error and faster turnaround time.
Our business support team comprises of Account managers, Image editors, Animators, presentation experts and graphic designers who work in close coordination to offer a perfect solution to your day to day presentation needs.
Our business support service has several advantages:
Significant cost saving for corporates
Faster delivery of presentations
More time for consultants & managers to focus on strategic activities
Well-trained, skilled and certified professionals
24 hours support for clients located in different time zones
Trainings to staff on client branding, visual look and guidelines
Clients need not build their own design support teams
Work directly with presentation designers and account managers
Complete packaged team offered on a single hourly price/person