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Investor Pitch Presentation Design

Have a million dollar world changing idea? We do have a million dollar style to communicate it to the world. To make ideas into reality, entrepreneurs and thinkers often approach investors for capital & support. Everyday Investors are bombarded with 100s of presentations with same boring and repeated content. Where do you stand a chance to get noticed?
We can help you with a compelling and relevant investor pitch that will not only differ but stands a good chance to get noticed in the crowd of monotonous decks.
 Ensuring your Investor pitch presentation has the right information
Along with designing your Investor pitch in a visually engaging way, Our expert financial consultants can help you optimize your information by identifying relevant gaps in your Investor Pitch Presentation. With a team of experts, we can guide you on keeping only the relevant information which your investors might be interested in.
Let your presentation shine
INK PPT offers its investor pitch deck designing services at an affordable prices to match your needs and create a winning investor pitch deck for your brand. We will design your presentation to match your brand guidelines and look while keeping the final number of slides minimalistic as per the international Pitch competitions.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Why do we need an Investor pitch deck?
Investor pitch decks are mostly required by start-ups, professionals and corporation looking to raise external fund to develop, expand and sustain their businesses. Investor pitch covers vital information which an investor needs to evaluate a business, idea or a venture for potential funding. Information covered in investor pitch deck include Executive summary, Idea overview, Problem which the business is solving, Solution to the problem, Key team members, Financial record with Industry based KPIs (Key Performance Indices) Product/Idea tour, Funding requirements, Plan to use the raised capital, Media coverage, Idea validation and feedback, User cases, Client lists, Testimonials and reasons to consider the business for investment.
Is investor pitch deck is same as a business plan?
No. A business plan is a highly elaborated version of the pitch deck which covers a business’s goals, reasons to prove the achievability of goals and a detailed action plan to achieve those goals. The business plan also provide information related to the validation of the business idea. Investor pitches are created out of the business plan to be used for making a presentation to an investor.
I already have a pitch deck, what will you do additionally for me?
We will understand your idea and then examine your pitch based on that. Post our analysis, we will suggest the changes in the flow of information and the recommendation to include the missing information (If any). Once we are through with this, our designers will visually enhance the look of your investor pitch with the use of icons, relevant brand colors and infographics. Our goal will be to make your presentation simple to understand and an experience to see.
Will you connect us with the network of potential investors? Or Do you guarantee an investment if I use your services?
No. We will not connect you with any investor and neither guarantee any investment on using our services. Our involvement and engagement will end after we have submitted back your designed investor presentation.
My pitch deck is very long, can you shorten it?
We can try reducing the number of slides by understanding your content and by making suggestion of sections which can be eliminated, merged or shortened without losing the key message. This activity will involve active engagement with the key stakeholders at the client side.
My Investor Pitch deck is text heavy, can you make it more visual in nature?
Yes, we can do that. We will do this by rephrasing the information and by using visual elements, infographics and imagery to communicate the same message in lesser words.
How will I ensure that my confidential pitch deck is secure in your hands?
We work on 100s of investor presentations every month. Neither we are interested nor passionate enough to copy your idea. As far as sharing with others (Designers, Consultants, Case Study, on Website, Freelancer) is concerned, we seek our client’s approval before doing that.
How much time will it take for you to improve my pitch deck, given we start today?
Time involvement varies based on the effort involved. On an average, we take 7-8 business working days. We do keep clients informed about the business/local national holidays.
Will you be using our pitch deck to showcase in your portfolio?
We would love to showcase your pitch in our portfolio by making required changes in the financial data and removing other key slides but in case if you wish to keep it confidential, we will not showcase it.
Are your services mandatory to attract an investor?
No. People have succeeded in attracting investments to their businesses over a coffee. Our services will be beneficial for only those who have made a pitch deck and wanted to improve/enhance it further for the one on one investor presentation.
What will be your approach for developing a good pitch deck?
Our approach is divided in three steps.
Story building: Connecting all the information in your pitch deck in a logical flow
Content optimization: Optimizing the content on slides by trimming/rephrasing/reorganizing it
Visual enhancement: Designing all the slides to keep them relevant to your industry, brand and offering.
Can you do a complete research and develop a pitch deck for an idea which I have in mind?
We have been providing that service to our customers. To execute it in a right way, we sit with the founding members, idea presenters and try to refine the idea based on current requirement, market and competitors analysis. We can together brainstorm on the idea and help you out on how to present a particular idea to have a better connect with your target audience. 
How much will your services costs to me for improving my pitch deck?
You can find the cost of improving a pitch deck on our pricing page. The final pricing of the pitch deck is dependent on various parameters such as number of slides needed, amount of research required, new data creation, time frame in which final presentation is required, etc.