Event Partnership

Helping you focus on success of your event, while we handle the presentations.

Event Presentation Partnership

Our experience of attending hundreds of seminars and business conferences have led to the development of this solution. Every day, thousands of events are organized globally where millions of participants share their ideas & knowledge with the world. We identified an underlying problem which is often being ignored while discussing new trends and opportunities in such conferences decided to come up with a solution to address it.
These conferences or events witness hundreds of speakers from large conglomerates, NGOs, Governments, and independent achievers. For many of these speakers, making conference presentations for such events is usually the last hour or in-flight jobs which often results in a below average non-engaging, verbose presentations.
Poorly designed conference presentations eventually create a terrible experience for the audiences. We have identified several issues which are common among these presentations:-

Excessive content on the slides
Content is not visible due to the wrong choice of font color
Smaller font size leading to poor readability
No use of imagery or image with reduced resolution
Use of too much technical information
Excessively longer presentations
The Wrong orientation of data
Missing fonts
Device failure
Software non-compatibility

These problems arise due to the lack of:
Standard presentation making guidelines for the event
Pre-screening & quality check of presentations
Testing for software, fonts, readability and content quality
Readily available trusted Presentation design partner
Early engagement with presenters
We understand that in the hassle of organizing an event, keeping a firm control on presentation quality and adherence to guidelines is a big challenge. So, we have designed a solution where we work as “Presentation Partner” with large events to maintain an active control on the presentation quality and its standards while ensuring an excellent experience for all the event participants.

Under presentation partnerships, we offer the following services:

  • Audit

    We conduct a thorough audit of the venue / presentation hall to examine the readability, lighting, font colors usage and other important considerations

  • Venue Report & Guidelines development

    We develop an informative report with pictures of the hall with details like screen size and hardware available etc. Based on the audit, we propose a standard set of guidelines to be circulated to all the presenters for the event.

  • Engaging with Speakers

    We personally get in touch with every speaker at a very early stage of the event to ensure that they have gone through our guidelines and provide us presentation at least a week before the event for testing purposes.

  • Presentation Designing (Optional)

    Being a Presentation Partner to the event, we provide our services to the presenters at a discounted price for designing their presentation if they lack time, resources and skills to do so.

  • Presentation Dry Run

    We coordinate with event teams to conduct a pre-dry run for every presentation and notify the authors in case of any issues to make suitable changes to their presentation. During dry run, we check for software, content visibility and other compatibilities issues.

Our solution is designed to mitigate all kinds of risks which could hamper the visitor experience to the seminars and presentations for your event. If you are looking for a Presentation Partner to make your events successful, engaging and interactive, we are here to help you.