Interactive Media

Designing for self-operating kiosks and interactive touchscreens

Interactive Media Solution

Interactive Presentation is an innovative way to exhibit useful information such as Visual Help Desk, Company Statistics, Projects, Maps, Menus and Virtual Walls.
We have the required expertise to design self-operated interactive kiosks or touch screens with engaging content to be placed at Office Receptions, Meeting Halls, Restaurants, Malls, Retail Outlets, Public Events, Trade Show booths and Experience Centers.
We ensure diligence in providing our interactive media solutions while keeping the end audience, their usability patterns and practices at the center – to craft a perfect solution to augment an environment.
We effectively use the fundamentals of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design to create interactive presentations which are extremely easy to understand, operate and navigate by the end viewers.
We originate our interactive content using PowerPoint which makes it extremely easy to edit and deploy in a matter of minutes and reduces the dependency on any third party.
Interactive Touch Screens can be displayed at Entrance Area, to welcome the visitors and take their information to strengthen the databank and send relevant information on later dates. It can also be placed at employees’ reachable points to update company’s latest information or announcements.
Trade Fairs have become a common ground to attract visitors’ attention through interactive presentations in the form of teaser, screensaver, promotional pop-ups. Interactive solutions indeed engage potential customers with intuitive content and help an organization in presenting themselves as an innovative and tech-savvy company.
Our dedicated team will readily ideate with you on your customized requirements and will ensure fantastic touch experiences to your customers and prospects, thus helping you to augment your business horizon.
Please feel comfortable in connecting with us, and we guarantee to deliver more than your expectation. Mail us at