Interactive Media

Interactive Media Solution

We have the expertise to design engaging & interactive content for the touchscreens & kiosks at office receptions, meeting rooms, restaurants, malls, Retail outlets, public events, trade show booths and experience centres.
Self-operated interactive kiosks are a great way to demonstrate important information, creating virtual help desk, displaying company information, Projects, Maps, Menus and for creating virtual walls.
Our team design unique content for every client based on their specific needs, business environment, brands and visual look. We ensure that our interactive media solution are designed keeping the end audience, their usability patterns and practices in mind to craft a perfect solution to augment an environment.
All of our interactive content is designed based on the fundamentals of User Interface and User Experience design to create interfaces which are extremely easy to understand, operate and navigate by the end viewers.
We design our interactive content using PowerPoint which makes it extremely easy to edit and deploy in the matter of minutes and reduces the dependency on any third party.
If you would like to augment your business environment by providing an amazing touch experience to your customers, we would like to help you do that.