Be The Solution To The Problem- A Story On Leadership Qualities

Jane and Abigail were two extremely skilled engineers who worked for a firm in Cincinnati. The firm had over 100 engineers, each of whom were efficient and had graduated from some of the best universities in America.

One day while taking a coffee break in the common cafeteria, someone discovered that the coffee machine had broken and was not working properly. The employees got irritated due to this, but after plenty of ranting, they went about their day.

The next morning, the employees came back to the same situation of a broken coffee machine, which had stopped serving its purpose. The same routine of ranting and complaining continued, but the employees would eventually go back to their cubicles and continue working in their disgruntled state.

Jane and Abigail were not just colleagues, but were also good friends, who were witnessing this dissatisfaction every single day. Jane then turned to Abigail and said, ‘if no one is going to come fix the machine, then can’t we? I mean, we are engineers after all, and know how such machines work’. Abigail agreed and said ‘Sometimes we spend so much time complaining, but don’t realize that the solution is always in our hands’. Jane and Abigail came the next day, on their day off and got together on fixing the broken coffee machine. It took a few strenuous hours, but they got the job done, and were proud of themselves for having fixed a problem for the other employees.

The next day, the employees came in as usual and expected to find a broken coffee machine, but were instead shocked to see that it had been fixed, and was working normally. They found out that Jane and Abigail has spent their day off in working on the broken machine, and this impressed everyone thoroughly, but also left them feeling embarrassed, as they could have also contributed and become a part of the solution instead of complaining.

So what’s the moral here? If you can fix a problem, then do it, instead of complaining and waiting for someone to fix it for you. Be the solution, not the problem!

Emerging Trends in Modern Business Presentations

Emerging Trends in Business Presentations

Inclination of humankind towards story telling dates back to those ancient ages when story telling meant drawings on cave walls. With time, the society has evolved, the mode of telling story has evolved too. But the interest in telling stories as well as listening to interesting tales have never seen a dip. Irrespective of our ages, we are always attracted to a good storyteller even today. And that might be the reason why world-famous brands like Nike, Apple or Google are known and appreciated for their great storytelling for each brands and products.
The importance of emerging trends in marketing ppt and emerging trends in information technology ppt is immense these days. Needless to say, what wonder a crisp, simple yet aesthetically appealing presentation can do to your brand today. The future of storytelling in business is going to evolve further in the coming years, and the recent trends in business communication ppt make the future even brighter.

Recent trends in business communication ppt


10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Initially the presentation meant narrating in detail what one has to say. But one of the major recent trends in modern business ppt, Kawasaki, came up with the new rule of 10/20/30. Where he recommends that the emerging trends ppt should not contain more than 10 slides and should end within 20 minutes. As this is the limit of information that people can absorb. Also he says the font size on each emerging trends ppt slide should be 30 so that it can be readable to even the oldest person in the room. This finally led to the importance of short, to-the-point, concrete presentation.

Simplistic Design in Presentation

It won’t be surprising if PowerPoint stops being the most preferred tool for emerging trends ppt in the coming years. The recent trends in modern business ppt say that people want more simplistic yet visually appealing presentation templates with more varieties than Microsoft PowerPoint provides. With the emergence of platforms like Haiku Deck that provides more non-design-pro yet aesthetically savvy templates on the web, new presentation software companies should be well aware of the emerging trends in marketing ppt along with emerging trends in information technology ppt.

Building Relationship with the Audience

Marketing is not about selling, it is all about building relationship with the customer, understanding their needs, providing solution and follow up activities. Similarly, recent trends in business communication ppt have become more like a marketing activity than just telling a story. If you want your brand to generate a call-to-action you must come up with some follow up activities where you can connect with target audience. And here comes the importance for template sharing websites or blogs or eBooks which is majorly known as inbound marketing.

Web Based Emerging trends in marketing ppt

With the development of web based platforms it has become easier to approach larger number of audiences on real time. Further progress in augmented reality paves the way for its use in emerging trends in information technology ppt for higher budget organization in order to interact with them in a much-sophisticated way.

Undoubtedly, technology has made recent trends in modern business ppt easier as well as more appealing. But it is always useful to remember that no technology can replace YOU that is the presenter. Before incorporating any of the emerging technologies into your presentation, get your public speaking skills improved which requires rehearsing it again and again. Once you are comfortable with yourself on stage, choose the appropriate trend based on your need. At the end audience wants to see a good, understandable presentation by you, so it is always advisable to go by your ability than merely following the trends. And the key to become a successful presenter? Yes, it is still the hard-work and lots of practice.

Jack of All Failures; Master of Some

(A Caustic Take on Life: Please do not Read This)
You will never play like Messi or date Megan Fox, neither will you drive a Bugatti Veyron, or have more money than Warren Buffet. You will barely scrape through as another shrimp at the bottom of the lousy mediocre barrel, all through your life. Add to that, you will fail in exams, lose in arguments and generally be utterly invisible in the grand scheme of things.

You Sir/Madam and I are local sachets of ketchup, loitering deep inside the long forgotten crevices of ordinary fridges. In a world graced by wizards like Steve Jobs and Jimi Hendrix, we are as necessary as dandruff. The 100 likes on your display pictures, 30 lakh per annum salaries and Honda Civics’ in the garage are as average as the word “average”. So in effect, we are all… Jack of All Failures; Master of Some. Disgusted yet, embarrassed by a distinctively negligible existence?

If you Sir/Madam are still reading, there is a teeny tiny something that can give you that opportunity to have a memorial in your honour and your life celebrated as the feature article in the Time Magazine. That microscopic something is called “Chance”.

During this period of 70 odd years (if you die earlier, I don’t mind, creates better probability for the rest of us) you and I will get chances to gobble the Sun, drink the ocean and ski with the wind, chances that Alexander, Gandhi and Sachin got. These will appear out of nowhere, wanting to be missed, ignored, not looked at or explored. Grab these chances at gun point (take it literally),kidnap these slimy slippery bastards and keep them forever.

Do whatever it takes; vomit fire if required. You Sir/Madam have to be a crouching tiger, a hidden dragon. If you learn to recognize and grab these chances, you will never die. You will keep re appearing as an image on a stamp, a picture on a currency note, a quotation in a student’s essay, as the recorded voice of reason for future generations, in the last space craft that leaves this planet when it is time.

Learn how to “dance” with the “chance” and the “chance” will “break dance” with you till eternity.

Written by: Arnab Chakraborty