Sandeep Kaur

Q – Tell us about your life before your joining INK PPT?
A – I always felt blessed to have supportive parents and other family members. I was free to follow my passion for arts and design. I completed my graduation in graphic design and post-graduation in graphics and advertisement.
Q –  What made you join INK PPT?
A – Having good sense of aesthetics and passion to contribute to my job, I was referred to INK PPT by a good friend of mine. After rigorous but full of learning interview session, I got inclined to join them without any reservation.
It was a start-up company which happily gives opportunities to young and experimental youths. One can express more freely and confidently without any hurdles. It was a great platform to testify my skills, ideas and at the same time get exposure to new experiences everyday.
Q – How would you describe INK PPT culture?
A – A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation and INK PPT’s culture is full of positivity, innovation, ideation, co-operation, working as a team, respect and growth for all.
Q – What are your learning at INK PPT?
A – Learning has been deeply ingrained in the culture of INK PPT. We live with the mind of what’s next and this hunger for learning more has brought enormous success in such a short span of time. For me the learning has happened on multiple fronts:
– People management
– Client relationship handling
– New Designing skills
– Multitasking- how successfully able to handle multiple projects
Q – What’s the one book (or a movie) that impacted your life? Why?
A – Hindi Movie Manjhi→This movie is based on a real story of a man who makes a road by cutting the mountains, so that his fellow villagers can timely reach to the hospital for medical emergencies.
The protagonist Dashrath Manjhi, popularly known as the “Mountain Man” is a legend with dare and determination, who proved that nothing is impossible to achieve. His life gives a moral lesson that a small man, who has no money and no power can challenge a mighty mountain.
It is also one of the most touching and inspiring love stories. A young, poor villager who struggles hard to make meet his two ends, but loves and cares his wife more than anything in this world. Their love was at soul level, who daren’t think of building a Taj Mahal but on the strength of love for his wife, challenged mountains and paved a road singlehandedly.
Our society is filled with such examples of real heroes who inspire and help others to live a fulfilling life. With a background of a small town, I was too guided by my father and one such teacher Mr. Navin Kumar, their motivated words helped me to cross every hurdle of my life and boosted my confidence to challenge the world with invigorated humility. I shifted and easily adapted to the big and modern metropolitan city New Delhi 3 years  back and touching greater heights and happiness with every passing day.