Town Hall Secrets of Energy and Engagement

If you want to engage with your audience, you must provide them with value. If they are listening to you some information, which is new and applicable to them must be provided otherwise you are just wasting their time. This guide will offer you some secrets for your success.

Mistakes to avoid as keynote speaker

You don’t want to mess up that important keynote presentation, which you have been waiting for. To perform well and make an impact in front of the audience one must remain confident and deliver the subject with expertise. This guide will help you achieve the best keynote delivery.

10 things brand should focus during lock down

To win over a bad situation it is required that you change continuously and evolve to solve complex business problems. This pandemic is a make or break situation for many has some have embraced the changes and some are struggling to cope up with the challenges. This guide will help you make that necessary transition with ease.

Watch out for Corona Scams

As this pandemic stepped in people started taking advantage of it. Many fake brands and services have come up; it becomes our duty to inform everyone about these scams so that we stay safe in our homes while maintaining all the protocols of social distancing.

Unforgettable Impression of your company portfolio presentation

A company portfolio presentation is paramount for any organization. This presentation tells about your expertise and the area of work you are willing to take up. This presentation must be influential and should have the essence of your organization.

12 Archetypes of Storytelling

Storytelling is an art, which requires the attention of the audience. To gain that attention several techniques are deployed; we are telling you about the archetypes so that you may choose or recognize your type and move ahead with it. There is no need to go with 1, you could be a combination of many.

Working for a Start-up Guide

It would be like a roller coaster ride if you have decided to work with a startup. The journey is full of ups and downs where you learn a lot and get prepared for taking bigger life decisions. Startups are good for people starting their career as they get responsibilities and also make their plans work.

Presentation Periodic Table

Chemistry has made us understand periodic tables and we are familiar with the way we understood all the elements. We have tried to make you understand everything about the presentation using the same concept so that you remember everything without much effort. This table covers the aspects of good presentation and what all is required to come out winning.