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This section lets you explore the possibilities, push the boundaries, and amp up your game in terms of branding and communication
This section lets you explore the possibilities, push the boundaries, and amp up your game in terms of branding and communication


Leverage Engagement

The creative resources of your brand are made available in visual formats like Video, Gifs etc. which are engaging, and intuitive for the audience


Get Insights

We offer unique and informative blogs which are enlightening for the users. The practice is to impart the knowledge to the larger audience


Explore Utility

Creatives are dynamic and user friendly so that they are downloadable, could be utilized in cross-platform environments for better project management


Attain Expertise

You will be guided with subject matter expertise using detailed ebooks that are informative, reader-friendly, aesthetic, and top-notch in every aspect.


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Based on the numerous questions we have received over time, we have tried capturing all of them here to help you faster.

What is the need for PowerPoint Presentation Services?

The significance of PowerPoint Presentations Services is building up like never before as marketing and communication teams use it as a staple. The rise also witnessed the growing penetration of digital mediums & communications channels.
Presentation services let you stand out by polishing the way of your presenting. Additionally, the presentation design company offers an inventive outlook on your marketing and communication needs. Our PowerPoint presentation services come with vibrant design, story-telling and impactful communication techniques. Get your presentations transformed into an exciting experience.

How can a PowerPoint Design agency help you?

Transformation in terms of your meetings, internally and efficient communication beyond the organization could be achieved with INK PPT.
With more and more devices penetrating our market, millions of users are adopting new ways of accessing their relevant information. The same rise requires companies to advance and equip themselves with the latest trends in technology and design.
We are a presentation design agency proficient in making appealing PowePoint presentations for iPads, Tabs, mobiles, iPhones, Android devices, Smartwatches and a lot more. We immaculately design PowerPoint presentation services and interactive touchscreen solutions for receptions, restaurants, malls, events and experience centers.

How do we offer expertise in Events?

We are proudly partnered with large events to enhance the presentation quality while ensuring a great experience to all concerned. As a Presentation Design Agency, our knowledge of attending hundreds of events and seminars have led us to develop the best presentation services and solutions.
For many of the event speakers, making presentations for the event is usually the last hour or in-flight job, which often results in a below-average non-engaging, verbose presentations. Poorly designed presentations eventually create a terrible experience for the audiences. With INK PPT at your disposal, your experience of presenting and being perceived would be transformed like never before.

What is our 5D Methodology?

Being a professional presentation design company, we work on a 5D Methodology, which enables us to deliver top-notch presentation design services.

The Methodology includes the following steps:

Discover: This stage enables us to understand our customer’s business & its unique challenges.

Dissect: We dive into the problem and explore. The idea jam sessions, mind mapping, and understanding consumer behaviour is critically done.

Develop: A MVP or MVS is developed around the chosen route to get our customers on board and give them a glimpse of our solution.

Design: Here on, we shift gears and work aggressively towards solution design with consistent client engagement for some fine refinements.

Deliver: Solution delivery for us means seamless implementation, rollout, feedbacks, adaptability & training for achieving the laid out objectives.

We are a master presentation design agency providing strategic training to the organization on subjects which empower teams to think more creatively and adapt to better presentation making practices