A comprehensive guide for planning your product launch

This E-Book is a one-stop guide to your new product launch planning process. You will get to learn how to evaluate and understand your market, target customers, and product properly. Here you will get a detailed, comprehensive report on every part of the product planning process from the initial stages to the final stage, covering all the crucial aspects of a successful product launch.

Every step of a new product launch is covered, along with the crucial aspects that can make or break the process.

  • Planning
  • Importance to keep launching
  • Importance of Stakeholders
  • Reasons to Launch New Products

  • Tips to Perfect the Product Launch Presentation
  • Major Mistakes
  • Post Launch Activities

More about the E-Book

In this E-Book, you will know about the common reasons for new product launch fails and how to eliminate those mistakes in your launch process. You will be able to create a solid product launch plan with the help of this E-Book.

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