Conventional ways do not work that efficiently with employees. They get filled up with immense information even before joining the organisation. We help you leverage that information and impart the knowledge by designing a program which would take up the existing knowledge of the employees to make them associate it with the new learning. Doing this helps to lower the burden on their mind and, they come out with greater retention and decreased ambiguity



We provide you with engaging e-learning courses for your employees and the team working from remote locations. They are designed keeping learning principles in mind for higher retention


Learning is fun when it comes in chunks, we break down your modules into the smaller parts for better understanding, and also deliver fresh modules in bite-size

Training Program

Rather than confusing them with jargons we build upon the knowledge employees already have and, offer them simplistic explanations of the complex terminologies using easy to understand abbreviations and storytelling

Holdonz- Smart

We design the custom games revolving around your company’s profile; say in cards, tables, board games formats and make your employees understand effortlessly